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Bouclair Transforms its Online Business with OSF Commerce and Salesforce

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OSF Commerce announced that it has partnered with Bouclair
to transform the home décor brand’s online business by taking an
innovative multi-cloud and multi-platform approach to enhance the
company’s digital environment.

OSF replatformed Bouclair’s website to Salesforce Commerce Cloud to
provide better scalability, stability, and performance. This
implementation was performed taking a mobile-first approach using a
modernized storefront template built with the mobile user in mind. An
integration between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and an Order Management
System was done to enable omnichannel services delivering improved
service and return management as well as greater inventory visibility.
The brand’s cart and checkout processes were optimized to offer a
multi-shipping feature, automated preselection of a shipping provider,
and estimates for the cost of shipping and time of delivery.

To help Bouclair break down silos between their internal operations and
foster its omnichannel capabilities, OSF Commerce implemented OSF
UnifyCOMMERCE (Patent Pending). This product enables a single enterprise
view of the consumer across all platforms to improve service and unify
the customer shopping journey. The product synchronizes customer data,
orders, and products, as well as abandoned cart details from Salesforce
Commerce Cloud to Service Cloud and vice-versa providing Bouclair with a
360-degree view of the consumer.

As part of this multi-cloud integration strategy, OSF also synchronized
commerce-related data from Service Cloud to Marketing Cloud to provide
Bouclair with a single view of the consumer in Marketing Cloud. Commerce
Cloud events trigger useful transactional emails sent from Marketing
Cloud, including back in stock email messages and cart recovery
notifications for abandoned baskets.

For this innovative work, OSF Commerce has been named a recipient of the
Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Customer 360 category. The
award was presented at Salesforce Connections 2019, the customer
engagement event of the year.

Bouclair has seen impressive results from the work that OSF has

  • By leveraging in-store inventory and real-time pick-up information and
    the estimated time of arrival on each PDP, sessions with cart-adds on
    Bouclair’s website have increased by 55%.
  • With service agents now being able to quickly access complete customer
    profiles and provide more personalized support, from one single
    location, the company’s case efficiency has increased by over 30%.
  • The enhancements that allowed Bouclair to obtain a single view of the
    consumer to then trigger transactional emails from Marketing Cloud
    enabled Bouclair to create more effective cart recovery strategy and
    reduce their shopping cart abandonment rate by 3%.
  • The integration of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, and
    Marketing Cloud empowers Bouclair to build personalized journeys,
    individualize communication with consumers, and unify the commerce
    experience online as well as in-store. With these implementations in
    place, Bouclair has experienced a sales boost of 36%.

“This award recognizes the incredible teamwork that OSF’s global
employees continuously demonstrate. We are all inspired to create
leading solutions customized to exceed the needs of our valued clients,”
said Gerry Szatvanyi, CEO of OSF Commerce. “We’re always aiming to
deliver work that makes a difference in advancing the commerce industry,
so winning this award from Salesforce is a great honor that we all

“The Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards celebrate the inspiring work
that our partners do to drive customer success,” said Tyler Prince,
Executive Vice President, Industries & Partners, Salesforce. “Companies
of all sizes and across every industry need trusted partners as they
embark on digital transformation journeys.”

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About OSF Commerce
OSF Commerce, an OSF Global brand, winner
of the 2018 Salesforce Lightning Bolt Trailblazer Award for Retail and
Salesforce’s 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail, is a leading
global commerce solutions company providing technology, consulting,
implementation and online shop management services to emerging and
premier brands and merchants. Our agile approach allows us to scale
global growth more quickly and enable companies to enhance the customer
experience. With over 120 ongoing projects and eight years of worldwide
deployments, OSF Commerce delivers connected commerce solutions across
channels, devices and locales. OSF has the following financial partners:
HSBC and BDC, and Salesforce Ventures and Delta-v Capital are investors.

About Bouclair
Bouclair is a national home decor retail
chain proud to help Canadians decorate their homes with the latest
styles at affordable prices. Their team of in-house designers is
constantly developing collections of the newest furnishings, home
accents and furniture for any style, travelling the world to deliver the
biggest trends in home decor, through shapes, textures and colours.