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BPU Holdings to Predict 2020 Korean Parliament Elections

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Pioneer of Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) tech company, BPU
Holdings, (BPU) will predict the 2020 Korean Congressional Elections by
utilizing ZimGo Polling, a political forecasting tool that accurately
assesses emotional citizen sentiment in real-time. Alleviating outdated
and traditional polling methods, ZimGo Polling samples how voting
citizens feel, not just what they say.

BPU enters into a partnership with Korean FCNet+, an online data
processing and public opinion research company, and assists in tracking
and predicting the 2020 Korean Parliament Elections. ZimGo Polling will
be used to assess public sentiments from online and social media
channels while pooling citizens’ trending topics by location, political
standings and economical demographics.

ZimGo Polling gathers millions of social media updates and accurately
conducts sentiment analysis to collect voters’ positions. In the 2016 US
presidential election, it proved to be more accurate than six other
polling services, including Gallup and CBS Realmeter. Last year in 2018,
ZimGo Polling also accurately predicted the U.S. Illinois State Election
with less than a 2% margin of error. By using BPU’s AEI platform, it is
able to sift through 50 million data tracks, daily.

Related to ZimGo Polling, BPU runs the world’s first AEI Social
Networking Service (SNS) search engine,
It scores and interprets entire paragraphs including colored emojis and
expressive languages – even slang. It classifies SNS hashtag-analysis
and semantic analytics through unique algorithms directed by human
emotions, online. Enabled by machine learning, and ZimGo
Polling can create highly personalized computational data that
identifies, stores and processes personal emotional patterns. The
service becomes authentic and more accurate since it extracts what
people are thinking, in real-time.

“In today’s hyper-connected world, data analytics must get smarter and
faster to serve the real-time demands of election campaigning. Next
generation artificial intelligence must assess human emotional
sentiment,” states Oh SangGyoon, CEO for BPU Holdings, creator of ZimGo.
“Since its foundation in 2012, BPU has continued R&D investments in AEI.
As a result, ZimGo Polling could gain insights into how people feel
about real-time issues.”

The polling tool is rigorously updated to analyze voters’ interests and
continues to receive acclaims as the modern polling method.

Some key features of ZimGo Polling include:

  • Hyper-Accurate Predictive Forecasting Analytics
  • Cost-effective through fully automated processes
  • Daily and Hourly Analytics, Trends and Demographics
  • Regional Social Media Traffic and Sentiment by Candidate
  • Trending Campaign Issue Sentiment Scores
  • Applicable to analyze distinct trends and other various industries

About BPU Holdings

BPU Holdings is dedicated to generating the first Artificial Emotional
Intelligent (AEI) platform — Artificial Intelligence (AI) emulates how
people think — AEI emulates how people feel. BPU is dedicated to
generating the most advanced, usable, secure and innovative Artificial
Emotional Intelligence (AEI) technology in the world. AEI technology
advances the human condition by providing rigorous tools to improve
emotional intelligence.

BPU gives back. Our acronym translates to ‘Bae-Pum’ in Korean; which
means ‘to giveaway.’ We strive to do exactly that as we have set our
company Articles to allocate 30% of our Company’s profit to the public