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BRAVADA International Launches, Its New Corporate Website Providing One of the Most Extensive Corporate Profiles and Information on Historical and Ongoing Developments

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BRAVADA International Ltd ( (Pink Sheets: BRAV) announced today that it is has launched, a corporate website providing a full range of business and corporate information to all stakeholders. has been developed to provide an easy access portal to learn about the company, its objectives and more. includes the following features:

  1. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  2. Ask a Question / Contact Us
  3. Displayed list of all questions asked and answered
  4. Financial and Corporate Disclosures
  5. New Releases
  6. Full year by year history of the Company
  7. CEO Discussions
  8. Websites lists and descriptions
  9. A portal to communicate ongoing corporate objectives
  10. Charity donations and involvement

Micro-cap companies can have a challenging time providing ongoing relevant information regarding their operations. Often, exaggeration and misinformation can permeate as investors and stakeholders speculate on any number of subjects. The corporate website is a portal for stakeholders to get clarifying information or even ask the company a question on a particular subject to receive the correct answer and draw conclusions that more accurately reflect the status of the company. BRAVADA shall update the website and provide going detailed information.

“BRAVADA has survived a time of enormous change from the Amazon effect, Epacket China shipping and more,” replied Danny Alex, CEO of BRAVADA International. “Early in 2017, we began a process to re-orientate the company. Since then, we have developed significant revenue growth and derived a process of developing and launching websites that has proven remarkably successful. will allow us to communicate to all stakeholders the real-time vision and status of the company and its various objectives”


BRAVADA International owns, develops and operates its own proprietary websites in the women’s fashion, personal protection equipment, face mask and pet industries with a real-world warehouse headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

BRAVADA International websites include:

MedicalMasksWholesale.Net (Coming Soon)