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BridgeComm Appoints Ethan Becker as Director of Engineering

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BridgeComm, Inc., a leader in optical wireless communications (OWC) solutions and services, today announced that Ethan Becker has been appointed as the company’s director of engineering. Keenly skilled in programming languages and computer modeling and simulation, Becker will direct the engineering advancements for BridgeComm’s OWC solutions, including its managed optical communications array (MOCA) technology systems and deployment of ultra-fast networks.

“It was clear when Ethan joined BridgeComm that he was an outstanding addition to the team,” says Barry A. Matsumori, CEO of BridgeComm. “For nearly two years, Ethan has exhibited the skills and forward-thinking mindset we thrive on at BridgeComm. We are pursuing a future of secure hyperconnectivity, and Ethan will help us get there.”

Becker joined BridgeComm as a product engineer in January 2019, advancing to his most recent role as senior research and development engineer. Prior to joining BridgeComm, Becker designed processes, wrote automation software, and provided technical expertise and support for designs of critical systems and operations at United Launch Alliance and Siemens Power Technologies International.

“I am truly excited to continue the growth and development I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of for nearly two years,” says Becker. “I look forward to working with the team, developing BridgeComm’s optical wireless communications systems and facilitating a faster deployment of ultra-high-speed networks.”

Becker earned a master’s degree in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science. He currently serves on the Application Review Committee for Engineers Without Borders, an organization centered around improving the quality of life for developing communities worldwide.

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