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BridgeComm to Demonstrate Advanced Point-to-Point Optical Wireless Communication Capabilities for U.S. Government Customers

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BridgeComm, a leader in optical wireless communications solutions and services, today announced it will demonstrate for various United States government customers a high-speed data transfer at 100GB per second, at a distance of 2 kilometers, using point-to-point (PTP) optical wireless communications (OWC) technology. Following its PTP demonstration at a global conference in April 2021, BridgeComm will again partner with Nokia, using its network equipment and services backed by Nokia Bell Labs, to showcase the capabilities of OWC and help speed its adoption for operators seeking faster, more secure 5G networking solutions.

“As networks rollout 5G across the globe, there is growing demand for a cost-effective, modular and scalable communications solution that provides ultra-high-speed throughput with a faster, more secure network optimized for all domains,” says BridgeComm CEO Barry Matsumori. “Though OWC is not a new technology, it is on the brink of widespread commercial use by both governments and citizens. Given the increasing demand for 100GB per second solutions for enterprise fixed wireless access backhaul and rural and remote connectivity, OWC holds the potential to solve the challenges of bandwidth, security and speed limitations of current connectivity solutions.”

With BridgeComm’s OWC capabilities and Nokia’s infrastructure-grade telecommunications equipment, the two companies intend to create and operate a private wireless network that is highly scalable and cost-effective—and provides lower latency, higher data transfer rates and resilient backhaul.

BridgeComm establishes a global network of optical ground stations designed to support complementary fixed and mobile terminals that provide high-bandwidth, high-security solutions for unique applications. For those interested in more information, please visit

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BridgeComm is a global leader in optical wireless communications solutions and services. Through a global network of ground stations designed to support complementary fixed and mobile terminals, the company provides fast, secure, enterprise-grade broadband services for a variety of markets, including space exploration, terrestrial networks for 5G connectivity and applications, and airborne lasercomm for prominent applications including intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, in-flight entertainment, and backhaul. More information can be found at