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BridgeComm’s Optical Wireless Communications Solutions Selected by Industry Leader for the Development of Terrestrial Vehicular Comms

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BridgeComm, a leader in optical wireless communications (OWC) solutions and services, today announced they will further their strategic partnership with a prominent industry leader by leveraging BridgeComm’s Managed Optical Communication Array (MOCA) technology in the development of a communications-on-the-move (COTM) system for terrestrial vehicular applications.

MOCA technology maintains inherently low probability of detection, low probability of interception and multi-gigabit per second data rates via OWC while supporting mesh networking capabilities. It allows for networking across various platforms, providing improved resiliency thru its point to multipoint and fast tracking capabilities. BridgeComm’s COTM technology will offer extremely high throughput data communications capabilities ideal for first responders and various government users.

“In these times where instant, global connectivity is a priority, we are proud to develop a system where vital information can be transmitted almost instantaneously on the move,” says BridgeComm CEO Barry Matsumori. “After pioneering one-to-many technology with our partner, we’re excited for the next phase as we develop our MOCA technology and solidify the vision of working together for the long term as we examine overall needs for secure, rapid communications.”

The COTM system will provide high-quality data transmissions without depending on terrestrial infrastructure. It will incorporate BridgeComm’s fast gimballess steering capability, which offers significant advantages in terms of reliability, size, weight and power. Utilizing MOCA allows users to finally achieve true high throughput, resilient, multi-domain capabilities to share large volumes of data and collaborate effects significantly faster than alternative systems. For more information, visit:

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