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BrightPlan Expands Financial Wellness Platform to Power the Growth of the Fortune 1000

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BrightPlan, an innovator in financial wellness programs for the Fortune
1000, today announced a series of feature-rich enhancements to
strengthen its unique employee benefits platform that helps increase the
profitability of employers.

BrightPlan’s new functionality promotes even smarter planning, investing
and spending decisions by employees through the following:

  • Personalized recommendations to employees for selecting funds in an
    employer’s 401(k) using BrightPlan’s goals-based planning wizard.
  • Investment insights for all linked investment accounts, including
    portfolio analysis and fund fees to help employees better manage their
  • A powerful spending analysis in BrightPlan’s budgeting module to help
    employees make wise spending decisions.

“BrightPlan’s financial wellness platform helps power growth by
increasing profitability and transforming a company into an employer of
choice,” said Marthin
De Beer
, CEO and Founder of BrightPlan. “In labor constrained
markets, a financial wellness program is a clear competitive advantage
in retaining and attracting talented employees. The new capabilities in
BrightPlan make the platform even more valuable to both employers and

BrightPlan brings together the benefits of both professional financial
advisors and digital financial advice. Being SEC-registered and
CEFEX-certified fiduciaries that deliver independent, objective advice
and are required to act in the best interest of clients is important to
employers and employees.

For employees, BrightPlan’s financial wellness platform delivers
certified fiduciary advice, tailored financial education, personalized
goals-based planning, automated investing, debt reduction, progress
tracking, spending analysis and budgeting.

For employers, BrightPlan provides an assessment of the state of
financial wellness across their employee base and identifies ongoing
opportunities to help employees increase their financial acumen. The
data-driven platform provides objective data and unique insights that
assist employers when making adjustments to benefit programs and
alleviate the financial stress of employees.

BrightPlan’s new functionality is the latest in a series of growth
initiatives by the firm. In May, the company closed a $12 million Series
B round from existing investors, bringing its total funding to $37
million. In February, BrightPlan hired Senior
Vice President Karl Holmlund
to expand its sales team. In January,
BrightPlan’s sister firm, Plancorp, a 35-year-old wealth advisor with
over $4 billion in assets under management, opened a San Jose office to
serve its expanding client base in the San Francisco-Bay Area.

For more information about BrightPlan or schedule a demo, call
408-933-6188 ext 2.

About BrightPlan

BrightPlan LLC is an innovator in financial wellness programs for the Fortune
1000. Led by a team of experienced Silicon Valley executives and
technology innovators, BrightPlan helps power growth by increasing
profitability and making companies an employer of choice. BrightPlan
offers goals-based financial planning, investment advice, automated
investing; spending and budgeting analysis and tools; and extensive
financial education to improve decision-making. BrightPlan is a
cloud-based digital advisor that also provides access to an experienced
team of financial advisors from Plancorp, a 35-year old, Registered
Independent Advisor (RIA). BrightPlan and Plancorp are subsidiaries of
Prumentum Group. BrightPlan is the nation’s first digital advisor to
become certified by the Center for Fiduciary Excellence (
More information is available at


BrightPlan LLC is an SEC-registered investment adviser that only offers
digital investment advice. Plancorp LLC is an affiliated SEC-registered
investment adviser. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill
or training nor does it imply endorsement by the SEC. BrightPlan is a
trademark of BrightPlan LLC, Plancorp is a registered trademark of
Plancorp LLC, both registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Please see BrightPlan’s and Plancorp’s ADV
for more important information.