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Brillio Named a Leader in Zinnov’s 2020 Digital Engineering R&D Services Report

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Brillio, a leading digital technology consulting and solutions company, today announced it has been positioned as a leader in multiple engineering segments in the Zinnov Zones 2020 report on Engineering Research & Development (ER&D). In Zinnov’s comprehensive study, Brillio emerged as a leader in Enterprise Software, Consumer Software, Software Platform Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence Engineering Segments.

Zinnov’s Zone ratings have become the industry standard for benchmarking service providers across capabilities such as ER&D services, digital services, IoT services, media, and technology. The 2020 report analyzed 60 of the top global service providers based on multiple dimensions such as depth and maturity of R&D services, scalability, growth rate, innovation and IP, and feedback from enterprise buyers.

“We are proud to be named a leader in Digital Engineering Services by Zinnov as it underscores our commitment to customer success and further validates our expertise in emerging digital technologies,” said Raj Mamodia, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Brillio. “What sets Brillio apart is our deep expertise in product development and in the four superpowers of technology–cloud, IoT, AI and Mobility–that are now changing the world. We are unreasonably focused on enabling our clients to bring these digital solutions to market faster, easier, more efficiently, and more profitably.”

Kailem Anderson, Vice President of Portfolio and Engineering, Blue Planet said, “Through our collaboration with Brillio, we will bring automation to enterprises around the globe by developing differentiated offerings and rapidly bringing them to the market. The breadth and depth of Brillio’s digital engineering capabilities enables us to help build dynamic, programmable infrastructure and advance digital initiatives.”

Commenting on this Sidhant Rastogi, Managing Partner, Zinnov said, “Brillio’s robust co-located presence and global delivery network along with its ability to cater to end-to-end requirements for enterprise clients in the software space have placed it in the leadership zone for these categories as well in the Zinnov Zones 2020 ER&D Services assessment. It’s focus on product-centric delivery, agility, and low code no code platforms help differentiate itself from the peer set. Further, Brillio’s investments and capabilities to build humans-in-the loop AI solutions places it in good stead for AI engineering as services.”

To learn more, please download the detailed Zinnov Zones report here.

About Brillio

At Brillio, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We were founded on the philosophy that to be really good at something, you need to be unreasonably focused. That’s why we are relentless about delivering the technology-enabled solutions our customers need to thrive in today’s digital economy. Simply put, we help our customers accelerate what matters to their business by leveraging our expertise in agile engineering to bring human-centric products to market at warp speed. Born in the digital age, we embrace the four superpowers of technology, enabling our customers to not only improve their current performance but to rethink their business in entirely new ways. Brillio has exceptional employees worldwide and is trusted by hundreds of Fortune 2000 organizations across the globe. To learn more follow us @brillioglobal and visit our website at

About Zinnov

Founded in 2002, Zinnov is a leading global management and strategy consulting firm, with presence in Santa Clara, Houston, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Paris. Over the past 18 years, Zinnov has successfully consulted with over 250+ Fortune 500 enterprises and technology companies to develop actionable insights that help them create value – across dimensions of both revenue and optimization. With core expertise in Product Engineering, Digital Transformation, Innovation, and Outsourcing Advisory, Zinnov assists clients by:

  • Enabling global companies to develop and optimize a global engineering footprint through center setups, and technology and functional accelerators to achieve higher R&D efficiencies, innovation, and productivity;
  • Advising global PE firms in asset shortlisting and target evaluation, commercial due diligence, and value creation;
  • Growing revenue for companies’ products and services in newer markets through account intelligence, market entry, and market expansion advisory;
  • Structuring and implementing Digital Transformation levers enabled by technologies like AI/ML, Cloud, IOT, and RPA;
  • Helping global companies outline and drive their open innovation programs, design and operate accelerator programs, and enable collaboration with start-ups across specific use cases and predefined outcomes.

With their team of experienced consultants, subject matter experts, and research professionals, Zinnov serves clients from across multiple industry verticals including Enterprise Software, BFSI, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, and Telecom in the US, Europe, Japan, and India.

Download the Zinnov Zones report here.