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BritePool Appoints Advertising and Technology Industry Veteran David J. Moore as CEO

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today announced that advertising and technology industry veteran David
J. Moore has been named CEO. Mr. Moore has decades of leadership
experience at the intersection of advertising, media, publishing and
technology and joins BritePool from WPP where he served as Chairman of
Xaxis and President of WPP Digital. Mr. Moore was the founder and CEO of
24/7 Real Media, which he sold to WPP in 2007. In his time at WPP, Mr.
Moore championed the transformative role of technology through the
development of new media products that deliver quantifiable value. He
also helped support and develop a range of WPP venture investments.

Mr. Moore joins a deep team of experienced team members and leaders in
the content, publishing, advertising and technology sectors. Bob
Perkins, former CMO of Pizza Hut and President of Chiat/Day New York is
COO and Michael Connolly, co-founder and CEO of Sonobi and Greg
Williams, co-founder of MediaMath also serve as directors of BritePool.

“The urgent need for this solution is palpable in all quarters of the
online publishing and advertising communities,” commented Mr. Moore.
“Google’s announcement last week clearly strengthens its advertising
dominance and deals a sharp blow to digital marketing companies.
BritePool has the technology that operates in a world without 3rd
party cookies that enables consumers and publishers to have more
transparency leading to a sustainable open Internet. Our solution can be
installed today.”

BritePool also unveiled several members of its management steering
committee, welcoming these executives as trusted advisors, commercial
partners and participants in the BritePool solution to provide input,
guide development and accelerate acceptance and buy-in across the

Select members of the steering committee include: Jason White, CBS,
Steve Bagdasarian, Publishers Clearing House, Jeremy Hlavacek IBM’s, Andrew Meaden, Group M, Bill Simmons, Dataxu, Stuart Ingis,
Venable and Steve Reiss, Weil Gotshal.

According to Mr. Moore, BritePool was created with the goal of solving
the twin challenges currently facing the publishing and advertising
industry: building consumer trust and voluntary acceptance while
establishing a persistent digital last mile to the consumer in the form
of a verifiable and actionable identity.

Mr. Moore pointed to the results from last week’s release of the
BritePool/Annenberg study, where only 9% of consumers strongly believe
they are in control of their data online.

“This growing and meaningful level of consumer distrust in the online
advertising ecosystem that has led to increased and onerous government
oversight and regulations that are threatening the commercial viability
of publishers, concentrating control of the Internet in the hands of a
few actors and stunting innovation.”

Mr. Moore continued, “We are excited to be joined but such a strong
group of leaders on our steering committee, all of whom are enthusiastic
contributors, supporters and in some cases, commercial partners.”