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BroadbandTV Corp. is Now Viewed by More Than 575 Million Unique Viewers Each Month and Achieves 46.9 Billion Minutes of Watchtime

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Today, BroadbandTV Corp. (BBTV) a Canadian media-tech company that is
advancing the world through the creation, distribution, management and
monetization of video content, unveils that its video content is viewed
by more than 575 million unique viewers each month. Only Google sites
exceed BBTV monthly unique viewership and BBTV now represents 56% of
Google’s Unique viewership at 1.02B*. To put that into perspective, BBTV
content is now viewed by more individuals on a monthly basis than the
population of the United States (327 million**), Mexico (132 million***)
and Canada (37 million****) combined.

In addition to being second in unique viewership only to Google, BBTV is
number one across all media companies in terms of total monthly
watch-time, with 46.9 billion minutes across comScore’s top 12 countries
report, February 2019*. In the report, UPROXX achieves 19.1 billion
minutes, Disney achieves 16.9 billion minutes, NBC achieves 10.3 billion
minutes, and CBS is at 3 Billion minutes per month.

These milestones follow a long line of successes for the business, today
the business achieves 38 billion video views on a monthly basis***** and
its total annual video viewership has increased at a compound annual
growth rate (CAGR) of 102% from 2014 to 2018, and it achieved a total of
405 billion video views in 2018. Revenues for the media technology
company continue to grow significantly, with 927% revenue growth from
FY14 to FY18, equating to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 79%
over the four year period. BroadbandTV Corp. also achieved break-even
EBITDA last year******.

“With unprecedented growth and an unwavering commitment to
profitability, we continue to lead our peer group in all key measures,
including unique viewers and watch-time,” comments Shahrzad Rafati,
Founder & CEO, BroadbandTV Corp. “We’re building one of the most
successful media technology companies in the world from the West Coast
of Canada, and despite all that we have achieved, this is really just
the beginning.”

Today, BBTV actively operates in 10 languages and 29 countries, and is
the leading player in English, Spanish, and Portuguese markets in terms
of content viewership, and is top three in the French, Arabic and
Russian markets.

Headquartered in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the
business has been committed to further expanding revenue streams and has
successfully built monetization arms within the business to expand
revenue opportunities for its vast and growing catalogue of Intellectual
Property. BBTV’s successful revenue streams to date, include:
advertising video on demand, subscription video on demand, SaaS, mobile
apps, e-commerce, and licensing.

“We believe that true success goes far beyond the financials. My goal
has always been to build a quadruple bottom line business: an
organization that measures success not just based on financial
performance but also employee, social, and environmental KPIs. At BBTV,
our People bottom line is as important as our Financial one.” commented
Rafati. “We’ve achieved our global market leading position with a gender
balanced workforce and other companies should pay attention as it’s a
huge driver of our success. Today, pay disparity across our male and
female employees is 0%, 43% of our employees are female, and 46% of our
managers are female managers. Equal is equal.”

In May 2019, Founder & CEO Shahrzad Rafati interviewed Canadian Prime
Minister, Justin Trudeau on the opening evening of the Collision
Conference in Toronto. Together, the multi-award winning Founder & CEO
and Canadian Prime Minister, discussed the future of the Canadian
Technology industry. For
more information, please find the conversation here.

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February 2019, and other sources
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About BroadbandTV

BroadbandTV (BBTV) is a media-tech company that is advancing the world
through the creation, distribution, management and monetization of
content. As of May 2019, BBTV generates 38 billion monthly impressions,
and in February it achieved 575 million unique viewers which consume
46.9 billion minutes of video content per month. BBTV is the second
largest video property across the top 12 countries of the world in terms
of unique viewers following only Google as of Feb 2019. BBTV provides
end to end management, distribution and monetization solutions to
content owners around the globe by providing innovative technology and
leading services. BBTV has built proprietary VISO technologies
leveraging deep learning, signal processing, and big data to achieve to
power its ecosystem. In June 2013, leading European entertainment
network RTL Group acquired a majority stake in BroadbandTV.