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Bugsnag Achieves Strong Momentum in 2020 with Application Market Growth

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Bugsnag Inc., an application stability management pioneer, today announced its strong performance in 2020, acquiring new global enterprise customers and achieving 125% net dollar retention. Bugsnag’s continued growth illustrates the rapid increase in demand for quality applications driven by the pandemic. The company also grew its headcount by 36% during the year and is expected to grow headcount by nearly 60% in 2021.

The extreme reliance on all things digital as a result of the pandemic has made application stability and health a key area of focus that Bugsnag is well positioned to address. In fact, eight in 10 organizations have reported fast-tracking digital transformation programs, and strengthening application development and delivery methodologies was a main focus for many. Organizations were unprepared for the dramatic acceleration of digital transformation and app usage, leading to more crashes and failures. To meet the needs of the industry, Bugsnag’s full stack stability monitoring solution processed 6.8 trillion sessions in 2020, helping enterprise engineering organizations detect and prioritize 410 billion errors in their code that would have significant impacts on the operation of their applications.

Product Enhancements in 2020

Mobile app downloads have grown 23.3% since the COVID -19 pandemic. Now more than ever, monitoring application health and stability is vital to providing a seamless app experience that mitigates crashes and drives adoption.

To support the demand for engineering teams to scale and build out applications, Bugsnag bolstered its application stability management capabilities with several new and enhanced offerings, including:

Prioritizing errors and minimizing noise on high usage mobile and web applications, Bugsnag introduced the Alerting and Workflow Engine with the ability to completely customize alerts to your specific use case.

Gaining executive insights into the stability of all applications in one central location. Bugsnag introduced the Stability Center for customers to understand trends in stability and application health over time and see their team’s progression towards stability targets.

Understanding how and why the stability of a release is changing compared to previous releases. Bugsnag’s new release stability adoption and trends graphs offer deeper insights into the stability of mobile application releases over time.

Extending user stability analytics that provide complete visibility into application health and user experience. Alongside the session stability analytics, Bugsnag’s user stability analytics can be compared to other user-based business metrics to see how application stability is affecting business growth.

Managing user access and permissions in a secure and streamlined way with user audit logs. Admin users can now see an audit log of key actions collaborators take in Bugsnag, such as deleting a project or changing an integration, providing them visibility into user permissions, and the ability to investigate and rectify unexpected changes.

“The demand for web and mobile apps for consumers and enterprises alike have increased substantially over the last year, causing app engineering teams to speed the development of new apps. Error monitoring and stability solutions are vital to accelerate this innovation, reduce technical debt, improve the user experience, and stabilize the health of mobile, web, and backend apps,” said James Smith, CEO at Bugsnag. “From e-commerce to financial services, companies are realizing the benefits of Bugsnag to help them make data-driven decisions about which applications need to be prioritized for bug fixing.”

Stability Index

In 2020, Bugsnag introduced the industry’s first App Stability Index Report, which analyzed the performance of the top 2,500 mobile and web applications (by session volume) within Bugsnag’s customer base. The report revealed the median stability of mobile applications is 99.63%, while the median stability of web applications came in at 99.39%. Similar to the “five nines” (99.999%) that infrastructure and operations teams use to measure uptime and availability, this benchmark will help development teams make decisions about when to build features versus fix bugs based on the application’s current stability.

About Bugsnag

Bugsnag is a pioneer in application stability management. We make error monitoring actionable and help enterprises and small businesses stabilize, prioritize and fix bugs. As a full stack solution, we are recognized for our best-in-class support for mobile applications. Bugsnag empowers software development, client observability and release management teams to make data-driven decisions on when to build features versus fix bugs.

Organizations experience significant ROI due to faster innovation led by developer efficiencies and improved customer experiences. We process over 1 billion crash reports every day from applications worldwide and more than 5,000 industry leading brands including Airbnb, Slack, Pinterest, Lyft, Yelp and Pandora use Bugsnag as their daily dashboard. Based in San Francisco, Bugsnag is backed by GV (Google Ventures), Benchmark Capital and Matrix Partners. For more information, visit