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Burlywood Gives Insight on Optimized Use of SSDs at Flash Memory Summit 2019

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Burlywood, a leading provider of next-generation flash storage software, will present its current and upcoming technologies for flash memory, and present on design innovations, at the annual Flash Memory Summit, August 6-8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley. Senior Firmware Architect Chris Bergman will also address attendees in the session “Flash Controller Design Innovations” to explain how SSD can be optimized for specific applications, how it can be used more efficiently, and how to deliver improved performance even with commodity media.

Performance-tuned flash memory can match the exact needs of the environments and workloads. Burlywood’s architecture supports data center flash requirements such as NVMe, SATA, computational storage and AI.

“Traditional SSDs and controller designs cannot adapt to changing workloads or introduction of new applications in real time, and these inadequacies force customers to use workarounds like overprovisioning, adding infrastructure, or middleware to mask the shortcomings of the storage,” said Bergman. “Instead we take the approach that flash storage is programmable and tunable to match the application, and achieve better performance, longer drive life, and reduced TCO.”

Flash Memory Summit is the industry’s premier showcase for storage technologies, featuring the products and trends driving the rapidly expanding market. Events draw more than 6,000 registrants and 120 exhibitors. Burlywood will demonstrate in booth 649.

Burlywood’s TrueFlash is a fully customizable flash solution that is drop-in compatible with existing storage protocols, form factors and architectures. TrueFlash allows for rapid innovation and fast customization, reducing time to market or time to production. Burlywood provides expert technical setup and analysis of workloads to pinpoint areas of tuning to optimize performance, latency consistency, drive life, and cost for applications using flash storage. When requirements change, TrueFlash allows flash to be re-tuned and re-deployed for new workloads, protecting the hardware investment.

About Burlywood

Powered by a highly productive, expert development team comprised of executives from companies such as HP, Western Digital, Hitachi, Micron and Intel, storage software startup Burlywood is accelerating the transition to the all-flash data center. The company’s patented TrueFlash technology changes how storage works and is delivered by lowering flash costs, increasing storage density and increasing flash performance while shortening the time to market. The new flash storage paradigm is ideally suited for customers in the hyperscale, content delivery, and cloud markets that want to move to all-flash environments but have found that current SSD offerings are a constraint. Find out more about how Burlywood is allowing flash to be used as it was intended at