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Business Insider Report Lists Wolters Kluwer Among Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Leaders Targeting Physician Burnout

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A new digital health research report from Business Insider Intelligence investigates physician burnout, which has increased dramatically in 2020, fueled by the stress of caring for patients with coronavirus. According to the report, “AI in Healthcare Administration,” the issue of fatigue impacted 40% of U.S. physicians before COVID-19 and costs U.S. healthcare organizations $4.6 billion per year. As providers look for ways to reduce burnout and cut related costs, many are turning to leaders in healthcare AI technology like Wolters Kluwer, Health, which has widespread experience in anticipating and supporting clinicians’ needs and workflows to speed clinical decision making and ease administrative loads.

This report identified several startups and big tech companies developing AI-based healthcare administration solutions with machine learning and natural language processing that are starting to take hold. These advances in clinical workflow automation and clinical documentation are helping clinicians spend more time caring for patients.

Wolters Kluwer: What’s Next

In the forward-looking “What’s Next” segment of the report, Wolters Kluwer is cited as a key resource being leveraged to improve speed in Nuance® Communications clinical voice command solutions. The report found, Wolters Kluwer’s clinical decision support resource UpToDate® expedites “clinicians’ access to evidence-based medical information via advanced voice search capabilities. The new efficiencies afforded by the platform’s improved information search function are able to generate significant time savings for physicians while improving the quality of their care.”

“We are driven to innovate with AI, helping health organizations tackle health data challenges and supporting clinicians’ care for their patients,” commented Jean-Claude Saghbini, Chief Technology Officer, Wolters Kluwer, Health. “The Business Insider report affirms our commitment to developing partnerships with other healthcare technology leaders to boost the roles of AI and voice in making a meaningful impact on healthcare.”

Leadership in AI in Healthcare

Wolters Kluwer is coupling the expansive knowledge of its trusted clinical experts with impactful AI solutions that target complex problems in healthcare. A recent Frost & Sullivan Radar report, “Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare IT, Global, 2020” also ranked Wolters Kluwer as a top 20 AI innovation leader in healthcare IT. The upper-right quadrant position of Wolters Kluwer, adjacent to well-recognized tech giants, underscores its superior deep learning and NLP capabilities.

Indicators of this AI innovation in Health solutions include:

  • Adaptive learning for next-generation doctors and nurses: Tomorrow’s clinicians get a strong start in medical and nursing education with adaptive learning powered by AI that optimizes student testing skills, remediation and performance in high-stakes USMLE or NCLEX exams with Firecracker® and PrepU®.
  • Earlier intervention when it matters most: Minutes can be the difference between life and death for patients with hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) like sepsis or C. difficile. AI technology in Sentri7® and POC Advisor is predicting infections faster so patients get every fighting chance.
  • Unlocking hidden insights: Critical patient information lost in physician notes is extracted and mapped by Health Language®clinical natural language processing (cNLP) for better informed care and AI is eliminating barriers between siloed data across healthcare systems.
  • Globalizing drug data: AI is being developed to dramatically accelerate and automate the mapping of highly variable drug data from countries around the world to Medi-Span’s trusted data to reduce medication errors, adverse drug events and unnecessary alerts.

About Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer (WKL) is a global leader in professional information, software solutions, and services for the clinicians, nurses, accountants, lawyers, and tax, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and regulatory sectors. We help our customers make critical decisions every day by providing expert solutions that combine deep domain knowledge with advanced technology and services.

Wolters Kluwer reported 2019 annual revenues of €4.6 billion. The group serves customers in over 180 countries, maintains operations in over 40 countries, and employs approximately 19,000 people worldwide. The company is headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.

Wolters Kluwer provides trusted clinical technology and evidence-based solutions that engage clinicians, patients, researchers and students in effective decision-making and outcomes across healthcare. We support clinical effectiveness, learning and research, clinical surveillance and compliance, as well as data solutions. For more information about our solutions, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @WKHealth.

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