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Calytera Providing Free and Discounted Access to its Amanda Platform and the Citizen Portal to Assist Governments Handling COVID-19 Challenges

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The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on several local, state and provincial government agencies. As necessary social distancing and shelter in place guidelines continue, many governments without robust online access for citizens are struggling to provide critical public services. At the same time, governments are being tasked with additional responsibilities as the crisis continues including managing new health and safety requirements, tracking quarantines, and distributing crucial supplies. Calytera is working with its customers to help wherever possible, including providing free and discounted access to modules of the Amanda platform and its Citizen Portal to minimize disruptions to services and to handle the additional challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calytera’s core product offering, Amanda, is a secure, purpose-built enterprise platform that helps governments manage core operations, attract and manage growth and provide efficient online services to citizens. Several Calytera customers use Amanda for managing over 20 health-related functions such as vaccination program management, licensing for medical professionals and first responders, and health hazard investigations. Additionally, Amanda can help government professionals track active infections and quarantine cases and offer community information and alerts. And, departments can use the platform to enable video-based inspections to keep critical citizen functions running while maintaining social distancing.

“Our purpose is to help governments build safe and prosperous communities. Their ability to do that is challenged like never before by the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why we’re actively reaching out to our customers to offer our help and support at this critical time. Our Amanda technology can help keep government operations running while keeping agency staff and citizens safe by automating manual and in-person processes. In addition, our technology can assist in tracking needed health information as we battle this crisis together,” said Christian Foster, Chief Growth Officer for Calytera.

The Calytera team has identified over 20 different ways the Amanda platform can be used to help governments. The team is contacting customers and offering support as needed:

  • Calytera customers who do not currently use the Amanda Citizen Portal, which allows citizens to access needed government services online, are being offered a free three-month use of a light-weight version of the portal developed with Calytera partner Meraki IT. This portal can be implemented for a government in less than two weeks.
  • Several modules of the Amanda platform can help governments manage new responsibilities related to the pandemic. Those include tracking medical devices, inventories and inspections, producing spatial views of active cases, and tracking and responding to Freedom of Information requests. For existing Calytera customers not already using these modules that need them for a COVID-related use case, Calytera is offering them for free of license fees to help them manage new responsibilities.

“In our decades of experience working with governments we have found government professionals to be some of the hardest-working and most committed professionals dedicated to making their communities better places. Right now, our customers need our support and that’s what we’re going to deliver,” continued Foster.

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Calytera helps governments build safe and prosperous communities. The company is a recognized leader with 30 years of experience committed to a mission to build the world’s best government technology software. Calytera works with hundreds of government agencies to help them digitize and automate critical functions, optimize their mobile workforce and deliver modern services to citizens. The company’s powerful, flexible, and scalable enterprise platform Amanda helps governments manage more than 50 types of regulatory functions. Governments can also turn to Amanda to more efficiently manage and respond to Freedom of Information requests while protecting privacy and the security of sensitive data. Calytera also makes software that helps higher education institutions, courts and justice operations, and organizations that distribute and manage grants. Calytera is a Government Technology GovTech100 company. Learn more at and follow Calytera on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.