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Cambodia’s Damoasun Co. Ltd. Chooses Tokenization With The NASGO Blockchain To Launch Damoasun Casino

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As a step in its ongoing vision to make tokenization accessible and
pervasive for everyone, in every part of the world, NASGO,,
a fast-growing Blockchain ecosystem, has announced its selection by
Cambodian gaming company Damoasun Co. Ltd. for online and offline
tokenization of the new Damoasun casino and popular online casino
application (
Damoasun has been growing rapidly since its inception in Cambodia in
November 2018.

The deal is a further step in NASGO’s effort to support businesses and
consumers throughout the world as announced in a series of partnerships
and celebrations in January 2019 in Vietnam, China, Korea, Cambodia and
Palau. NASGO’s selection by Damoasun was formalized this week in a
signing ceremony on May 3 between NASGO cofounders Eric Tippetts and
Stephen Jiang, Damoasun’s founders, joined by Cambodia’s Minister of
Interior, Pol. General Sok.

Market data
from Statista
estimates the global online gambling industry, worth
$45.8B in 2017, will soar to $94.4B in USD by 2024. While many regions
are driving the significant growth in this sector, the casino and gaming
industry is a particularly strong sector in Cambodia that is currently
producing as much as
$56M per year

“Cambodia has the potential to set the blueprint for online gambling in
Asia,” notes a recent
in Totally Gaming magazine. Through tokenization, online
gaming businesses gain the ability to reach a vastly larger audience of
customers throughout the world and gain the ability to create much more
revenue and to do so with full transparency and efficiency, which is
vital for compliance and safety. Likewise, live casinos gain efficiency
and accuracy, as winnings register immediately and are no longer
dependent on the customer’s ability to produce a hardcopy players card
and the casino’s need to authenticate and process results.

NASGO also brings the ability for the gaming industry in every location
to expand further by facilitating online/offline revenue creation
through the VAPR augmented reality app. VAPR transmits gaming
experiences and transactions via satellite transmissions (similar to
Pokemon Go) which creates the ability for casino operators to gamify
customer experiences for increased loyalty and retention. Gamers
participate through utilizing the NSG token, bringing revenue instantly
and transparently to Damoasun, further enhancing the company’s
continuing income and growth.

The tokenization of Damoasun Co. Ltd. is one of the newest steps in a
series of events that have marked stunning growth since NASGO’s formal
inception in March 2018. Since then, the company has become pervasive in
the U.S. and in a growing number of countries throughout the world,
including the recent partnerships announced in China, Vietnam, Korea,
Cambodia and Palau. More than 800 small businesses, enterprises and even
a global retailer with more than 2,500 stores have expanded their
offerings through tokenization on the NASGO platform so far. The
company’s NSG token joined the BitForex Exchange on January 19 of this
year and is experiencing significant growth.

“NASGO’s growth is only beginning,” said Tippetts. “This is a vision we
have held for a number of years—to create diversified, applied
blockchain available and pervasive to everyone, in all nations, as a
means of advancing their businesses, supporting their chosen
philanthropies and giving new strength to industries and economies in
every part of the world.”


is the provider of a fast-growing dApp (distributed app) blockchain
platform. NASGO was launched in early 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Eric
Tippetts and Stephen Jiang and markets tokenization services via the
NASGO platform to artists, influencers, small businesses and
small-to-medium enterprises as well as retail chains, government
entities and even sovereign nations. NASGO is dedicated to advancing
Blockchain and tokenization as an established industry and
infrastructure. The platform is striving to make digital currency
accessible and available to all, and to advance the use of the
blockchain to meet humanitarian, business and industry goals worldwide.
NASGO’s NSG token is available on

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