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Cambridge Announces Release of CLIC Advisor and CLIC Client to Independent Financial Professionals Bidirectional Data Sync Plus Unique FinTech Solutions Including eMoney

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Cambridge is pleased to announce CLIC® Advisor and CLIC Client are now available to approximately 3,000 independent financial professionals with Cambridge. CLIC Advisor is an extension of Cambridge’s CLIC digital workstation for independent financial professionals, and CLIC Client is an investor center for clients of financial professionals. CLIC Advisor and CLIC Client reflect mainstream digital integrations through innovative partnerships with key fintech providers across the industry.

Cambridge’s CLIC is an integrated suite of technology components for many of the critical tasks financial professionals need in their independent businesses. With CLIC Advisor and CLIC Client, Cambridge is providing capabilities ranging from client account aggregation, integration with other third party technologies, shared vault storage, and financial planning including eMoney’s Foundational Planning with the option to upgrade to Advanced Planning. Advanced analytics on the information gathered through these capabilities is also available. CLIC Advisor and CLIC Client are part of Cambridge’s CLIC Core Services and these services are available at no additional cost to financial professionals choosing Cambridge.

Cambridge has now released access of CLIC Advisor and CLIC Client to most financial professionals with the firm, and this follows months of planning, testing, and working with feedback from a beta user group of 200 financial professionals. The firm notes the beta user group input from financial professionals has been invaluable as Cambridge worked to provide customized support of a wide variety of business models and financial professional needs, including householding, split codes, and eliminating duplicate entry. The firm emphasizes it is looking forward to additional input as it continues to enhance digital solutions in a new era of technology for financial professionals.

Approximately 400 financial professionals who currently have an eMoney subscription will be engaged in a data migration process that will allow them to transfer their current data into CLIC Advisor. Cambridge is planning for migration testing yet in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Cambridge’s CLIC Advisor and CLIC Client are unique given the bidirectional data synced end-to-end from the advisor’s choice of fintech providers to their investing clients – as well as to Cambridge and custodians – uniformly delivering the same data across and through the advisor and client experience points.

“Our financial professionals are not seeking a singular solution, but want flexibility and choice for their independent businesses,” said Amy Webber, Cambridge’s President and CEO. Webber added, “We have focused on consistent data across the multiple levels in the chain of experience for financial professionals and their clients. Cambridge embarked on a journey to deliver a tech stack for our advisors that satisfies demands for simplicity and efficiency without sacrificing sophistication and choice, and this is important in today’s world where financial professionals are under significant pressure to transform their business for market and regulatory reasons.”

Cambridge’s Digital Strategies: Centralized Technology with Seamless Integrations

Centralized technology and seamless integrations are the heart of Cambridge’s digital strategies. The intent is for these digital solutions to give independent financial professionals a single pane view where they can achieve their business goals, gain competitive advantage, and provide their clients with all aspects of life’s planning needs. Continuously assessing advisor feedback, Cambridge is striving to consistently make it easier for the financial professional to conduct business through the Cambridge digital experience that is simple, efficient, and productive – from the view of the independent financial professional.

Financial Professionals Can Work Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

At Cambridge, we believe the financial professional serving the current and future needs of their clients must be able to use digital solutions and tools in order to work anywhere, anytime, on any device – computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Cambridge continues to focus on further optimizing integrations with third-party applications and partners while continually adapting to the unique advisor business models and relevant industry trends.


Cambridge’s CLIC is the intentional integration of a unified system of digital solutions for financial professionals. It is a comprehensive online business environment – centered on choice and flexibility for the many varied business models independent financial professionals need for their businesses. CLIC provides the digital delivery of a full suite of integrated and customizable technology components that are continually being enhanced to allow advisors to do business wherever, whenever, and however they choose.

CLIC Advisor and CLIC Client

CLIC Advisor and CLIC Client are mainstream digital integrations through innovative partnerships with custodians and key fintech providers across the industry – featuring bidirectional data continuously synced between multiple firms and systems. This means that when data is created or changed at an advisor or their investing client’s experience point, the new data syncs automatically through the providers integrated and in sync across Cambridge’s CLIC Advisor and CLIC Client framework. This also offers more advisor choice and access based on their business and how they choose to best serve their investing clients. Further, as part of Cambridge’s CLIC digital solutions framework, further integration is in process to include WealthPort®, Cambridge’s digital managed account experience. Cambridge’s technology and marketing leadership are driving this new era of fintech and wealthtech solutions for advisors based on deep integration and bidirectional data – while working closely with fintech and wealthtech leaders.

CLIC Advisor: Flexibility of Choice for the Financial Professional

With CLIC Advisor, a financial professional has a single pane view along with the flexibility and customization to choose fintech providers and custodians – in order to better serve their investing clients with fully synced data moving consistently in alternate directions across the Cambridge framework as the data is created or updated. CLIC Advisor enables financial professionals to digitally interact with their clients and Cambridge, as well as leverage featured solutions and direct offerings for use in serving their clients. CLIC Advisor includes:

  • Deep integration and unified user experience for independent financial professionals and their clients
  • Visibility and access as a singular digital workstation with mobile access
  • Bidirectional data synced between multiple clearing firms, fintech providers and Cambridge systems
  • More choices for digital integrations with fintech providers including, CRM, Risk Analysis, and Financial Planning
  • Shared files and secure document vault

Cambridge developed CLIC Advisor in conjunction with eMoney Advisor to offer advisors a fully integrated set of client-focused, digital financial services based on deep integration and bidirectional data between Cambridge’s digital workstation and key features advisors seek via fintech providers plus integration with clearing firm partners. Capabilities range from advanced analytics to financial feeds, shared files and document vaults – plus financial planning including eMoney’s Foundational Planning and Advanced Planning solutions, and MoneyGuide Pro.

Cambridge’s technology and marketing leadership has worked closely with leadership and development teams from eMoney, Invent With Us, and Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions®, to forge this first iteration of a new era of technology for financial professionals.

CLIC Core Services

CLIC is an integrated suite of technology components for many of the critical tasks in an advisor’s business. CLIC’s core services currently include:

  • Clearing Services through Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions and Pershing LLC
  • Client and Account Servicing with auto account open, forms generation, eSignature for over 20 companies
  • Managed Account Services including fee billing and Cambridge WealthPort
  • Compensation Services with sponsor data feeds
  • Office Services with paperwork service tickets and document upload
  • Imaging Services for web-based document image capture and submission, search/retrieve account paperwork, and document vault
  • Compliance Services for digital advertising and correspondence review, trade review, and direct trade blotter
  • WebCapture and AdView for transitioning advisors
  • Variable Annuity subaccount blottering
  • Householding
  • WealthPort Growth Planner
  • CLIC Advisor and CLIC Client

Cambridge is continually expanding CLIC to allow advisors to do more on a digitized basis and increase productivity for their business, and these efforts are driven by feedback from advisors and the needs of their businesses.

Cambridge WealthPort

WealthPort offers both customization and efficiency to allow the financial professional to focus on their role as a trusted advisor to their investing clients. WealthPort is a fully digitized, flexible managed account solution designed to meet the needs of the financial professional’s business model – no matter how they engage with their clients. This includes relationship management, trading efficiency, and the next generation managed account experience. WealthPort offers advisor-directed models, team-directed model management, CAAP®1 strategist-directed model management, separately managed account, and unified managed accounts – with CLIC integration. The integration of WealthPort and CLIC Advisor includes eMoney features.

About Cambridge: Cambridge Investment Group, Inc. is a financial solutions firm focused on serving fee only and fee focused independent financial professionals and their investing clients while preserving its private control. Cambridge offers a broad range of choice for independent financial professionals regarding solutions for advice, growth, technology, and independence. At Cambridge, we believe every journey is important. Cambridge’s national each includes a large corporate RIA and independent broker-dealer that is among the largest privately controlled independent broker-dealers in the country. Cambridge continues to be a multi-year honoree as a top workplace and broker dealer of the year. Member FINRA/SIPC

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