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CareOS to Show Possibilities of Edge AI with TensorFlow Lite at Google I/O

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CareOS, a digital platform for personal care, is presenting the CES
award-winning CareOS Artemis Smart Mirror at Google I/O, demonstrating
the practical user experience and privacy benefits of using Google’s
TensorFlow Lite in an edge AI application.

CareOS is the first platform for personal care that combines the
privacy, user experience and functionality needed to create a satisfying
digital environment in the bathroom, salon, spa and other places we
engage in self care. CareOS was first conceived in the Baracoda Lab by
experts in connected devices, wellness and digital design. The platform
securely combines and enhances data from smart personal care devices and
digital services, improving the user’s health and appearance. The
touchless smart mirror interface provides access to all of the data and
insight users need to live longer and better lives.

“TensorFlow Lite’s edge AI gives us a wealth of power to provide useful
and engaging information to improve people’s preventative care, beauty
routines and hygiene rituals, while keeping all data local,” said Chloé
Szulzinger, co-founder & head of marketing-communications of CareOS.

CareOS is working with leading beauty and wellness brands on custom
platforms for use in salons, spas and retail. The demonstration provided
at Google I/O will replicate this experience with visitors standing in
front of the CareOS Artemis mirror where they can virtually change their
lipstick and hair styles or try on new glasses.

“Edge AI is often considered valuable for its speed, but CareOS shows
that the localized performance of TensorFlow Lite unlocks possibilities
that go far beyond reducing lag,” said Tim Davis, Product Manager for
Google AI. “CareOS is in a position to change health outcomes by arming
people with instant feedback on their practices and suggesting
preventative care right where they are when these questions arise. It’s
a shining example of the very practical ways TensorFlow Lite make new
models possible.”

About CareOS

CareOS, the digital center of self care, is a privacy-first, intuitive,
open platform for personal intelligence that works naturally into an
individual’s hygiene, beauty, wellness and preventative care rituals. It
makes the best possible use of time we spend in front of a mirror to
improve our health and appearance by organizing and enhancing
information from connected devices, digital services and CareOS’s own
AI, powered by TensorFlow Lite. CareOS is a Baracoda Group company, lead
by experts with decades of experience in connected devices and wellness,
specifically to provide support to consumers in their bathrooms, salons,
spas and retail stores.