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CareSafely Launches Infection Control Management Solution Specifically for the Senior Care Industry

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CareSafely today announced a powerful, first-of-its kind solution that enables senior care organizations to strengthen their infection control programs. The CareSafely solution is a unique combination of easy-to-use software and expert content that ensures all COVID-19 risks are tracked, mitigated, and actively managed. The digital solution also cuts the administrative burden by 50 percent by eliminating paper audits, illegible checklists, lost emails, and outdated reports.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a devastating toll on seniors and the staff who have worked tirelessly under unprecedented conditions. It has also exposed the critical deficiencies in how our industry manages infection control and safety programs,” says Raj Shah, CEO, CareSafely. “We need a modern approach that combines digital tools and expert guidance to strengthen and streamline infection control programs.”

Infection control and safety are longstanding issues for the senior care industry. Bureau of Labor Statistics1 data show that employees at nursing and residential facilities are twice as likely to suffer a non-fatal injury/illness than employees in construction; and six times more likely than oil and gas extraction. With COVID-19, injury/illness rates in the senior care industry are likely to further deteriorate. An immediate change in how we protect our seniors and caregivers is needed.

How CareSafely Transforms Infection Control

CareSafely takes a holistic, structured approach to infection control based on the “Four A’s of Safety”—Assess, Act, Audit, and Analyze. This proven process is used in other “safety-first” industries.


Assess up to 73 infection control risk areas. The pre-built assessments are based on the latest guidance from CDC, CMS, public health departments, and further vetted by industry experts for real world applicability. Assessments are available for nursing homes, SNFs, assisted living, hospice, memory care, and home-health.


Build corrective action plans to mitigate and track any open risk areas. Action plans include root cause analysis, corrective actions, completion date, budget, and assigned lead.


Stay compliant with infection control protocols with paperless audits. Conduct digital audits of PPE inventory, hand hygiene, wearing PPE, and COVID-19 symptoms checks.


Track progress and identify risks with an interactive dashboard. The dashboard monitors assessment scores, action plans, and audit results. Organizations with multiple locations can track and benchmark across their network and focus on high-risk areas.

“I’ve worked for over a decade as a senior living nurse and CareSafely is exactly what our industry needs right now,” says Kate Wallace, Director of Infection Control Safety, CareSafely.

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1 Source: BLS

About CareSafely

CareSafely helps senior care organizations protect their seniors and staff by strengthening infection control programs. The CareSafely software and content platform enables organizations to conduct 73-point risk assessments, manage COVID-19 symptoms checks, build risk mitigation plans, audit compliance, and track PPE inventory.