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Carnegie Learning Wins 3rd AI Education Award This Year

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Carnegie Learning announced today that LiveLab, the live facilitation
tool in its flagship software solution, MATHia®, has been
awarded “Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education” in the 2019
EdTech Breakthrough Awards. MATHia is smarter math learning software
that uses artificial intelligence and cognitive science to mirror a
human tutor better than any other software. It provides a simple-to-use,
truly 1:1 personalized learning experience for every student, supporting
students who are struggling while challenging those who are ready for
more, all at the same time.

LiveLab is Carnegie Learning’s new live facilitation tool. It empowers
teachers with in-the-moment actionable data to effectively manage
students working in MATHia during a classroom lab. Dynamic indicators
show which students are working or idle at all times, while alerts let
teachers know which students may need additional support. Teachers can
also get live notifications to help them assist students who are having
trouble mastering specific skills or completing certain activities, or
to recognize students for hitting content progression milestones.

Nikki Baker, a teacher at Hopewell High School who used LiveLab in beta
last year, said, “I like the instant feedback so I know which kids I
need to work with right now, in the moment, and which kids are working
and doing okay. I used to stand in the back of the room to look for when
they were getting stuck. Now I know when they’re getting stuck.”

An Ongoing Impact in Education

This award builds on the ongoing recognition Carnegie Learning has
received for its contributions to artificial intelligence in education.
In April 2019, MATHia
was awarded “Best Artificial Intelligence Solution”
in the EdTech
Awards. Carnegie Learning also received the AI Education award at
the Artificial Intelligence + Adaptive Education (AIAED) Conference in
Beijing, China last month.

AI is Not the Future… It’s the Present

There’s an urgency behind the acceleration of AI and teacher-focused
tools like LiveLab. According to 2017 NAEP assessments, 66% of 8th
graders and 75% of 12th graders did not reach Proficient in
mathematics.1 Carnegie Learning believes that AI has a
foundational role in the classroom, making personalized learning more
effective and engaging by giving teachers immediate insights they never
had before. LiveLab puts teachers at the center of a technology-enabled
classroom where they know exactly how each student is doing at all times
and can spend more time doing what they do best—teaching.

“AI is a powerful tool we can use to support teachers and help them
extend their impact,” said Barry Malkin, CEO of Carnegie Learning.
“We’re setting new expectations for adaptive learning technology,
creatively blending data with proven content and instruction to deliver
deeper, more equitable learning to every K-12 student. LiveLab is just
the first of many simple, effective and forward-thinking technology
initiatives that will be coming from Carnegie Learning.”

“Since its founding, Carnegie Learning has been a leader in applying
artificial intelligence to education,” said Dr. Steven Ritter,
Co-Founder and Chief Scientist. “We’re proud that our work has been
continually recognized as having a major impact on teaching and
learning. It’s why we do what we do.”

The mission of the EdTech Breakthrough Awards is “to honor excellence
and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of
educational technology categories,” according
to its recent release
. The 2019 program attracted more than 1,500
nominations from over 12 different countries throughout the world.

“We received compelling award nominations from all over the world, from
early-stage startups to industry veterans and leaders, and we clearly
see that the EdTech market is driving innovative approaches and
technologies to address the most challenging issues facing education
today,” said James Johnson, managing director of EdTech Breakthrough.

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