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Cartegraph and PenBay Partner to Provide World-Class Campus Facility Management

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Cartegraph, a leader in operations management software and services, is partnering with PenBay Solutions, LLC to provide municipalities, higher education institutions, military bases and large corporations an easier way to maintain their facilities and grounds. From sports venues to sidewalks, laboratories to landscaping, the companies’ integrated High-Performance Campus Operations solution provides universities, governments and commercial organizations a paper-free way to inventory infrastructure, manage work orders, track resources and make data-driven decisions.

“This solution will be critical for the future of our higher education partners, in particular. As the enrollment pool shrinks and operating budgets decline, 4,000 institutions are fighting to keep their doors open. Best guesses aren’t going to cut it anymore,” said Bill Barron, CEO of PenBay Solutions. “Campus facilities and grounds are critical to attracting and retaining students, faculty, grants and donors. That’s why we’re teaming up with Cartegraph to help schools prioritize mission-critical maintenance, increase efficiency and spend smarter.”

With the new, mobile High-Performance Campus Operations technology, critical maintenance activities no longer get lost in the shuffle. Maintenance workers efficiently inspect asset conditions, receive work assignments and track resources—like labor, equipment and materials—from their smartphone or iPad. Back at the office, administrative staff tap into real-time dashboards and a two-way ArcGIS integration to increase productivity, monitor operational budgets, build capital plans, solve problems and even optimize space allocation.

“With hundreds of acres and thousands of students, campuses are essentially small cities. It’s important to know what assets you have, where they’re located and how much they cost. This is true of commercial and government campuses and facilities as well,” said Josh Mallamud, CEO of Cartegraph. “With 25 years’ experience in driving high-performance operations, we’re experts in helping communities perform the right work on the right assets at the right time. PenBay helps us to easily extend these capabilities indoors and we look forward to driving smart, sustainable campus operations together.”

For more information on building high-performance facility operations, please visit or call (800) 688-2656. Additionally, Esri User Conference attendees can visit Cartegraph booth 927 or PenBay Solutions booth 1828 to see the High-Performance Campus Operations solution in action.

About Cartegraph:

Cartegraph is in the business of building high-performance government. They offer SaaS solutions that help local government agencies manage their physical assets and associated operations. With Cartegraph, users optimize the life of their infrastructure, deploy maintenance resources efficiently and increase productivity.

To build high-performance governments, Cartegraph uses a comprehensive, three-pronged approach that combines success coaching, expert consulting and state-of-the-art software solutions for asset, work and resource management to help agencies capture data, analyze it and prepare for the future. For more information, stop by Esri UC booth 927 or visit

About PenBay Solutions, LLC:

PenBay Solutions, LLC is a technology leader in using geographic information systems (GIS) technology for facility management, including the extension of GIS inside the building. PenBay Solutions’ InVision software suite is an innovative, commercial, off-the-shelf facilities GIS software solution that helps you tackle challenges—indoors and out—and empowers you in making better-informed decisions about your facilities throughout their lifecycle. For more information stop by Esri UC booth 1828 or visit