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Casetabs’ ASC Customer Base Increases 80 Percent in Four Months; Keeps Patients Safe Amid COVID-19

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Casetabs, a provider of innovative cloud-based surgery scheduling and communication technology, today announced an 80 percent increase in its customer base since February 2020. The increase is attributed to an urgent need among ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to support patients, and their loved ones who aren’t allowed in the facility, with vital surgical information and timely COVID-19 updates. The ability to provide physicians and staff with mobile, real-time access to their schedules and case communication is another contributor to this growth.

Gavin Fabian, CEO of Casetabs, explains, “We started Casetabs to help surgery centers increase efficiency and case volume through better remote collaboration. Today, given the highly mobile nature of this technology, Casetabs has quickly evolved to become a critical tool for ensuring the safety of staff and patients. The ability to share urgent updates and information in real time is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a necessity to keep everyone safe.”

Casetabs’ HIPAA-compliant mobile scheduling app provides everyone involved in a case—including surgeons, anesthesiologists, vendor reps, facility staff and outside physician practice staff—access to case schedules at any time and from any location. Case members can easily view case details, manage requests and upload secure documents to stay ahead of schedules and plan accordingly.

The patient texting feature within Casetabs leverages integrated technology to send automated pre-op reminders, COVID-19 updates and videos, post-op check-ins and more to patients. Patients and their loved ones value the updates they receive as they wait, often outside of the surgery center due to new COVID rules. All updates seamlessly integrate into the Casetabs collaborative scheduling app and surgery boards so that everyone has instant, customized information from the same source, at the same time.

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About Casetabs

More than 100 million surgeries are coordinated in the US every year with fragmented chains of emails, text messages, phone calls, and faxes. Casetabs uses an intuitive central coordination hub, which delivers real-time case information and updates to facility staff, physician office staff, physicians, anesthesiologists, vendor reps, and patients. Casetabs is based in Irvine, CA. For more information, visit