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Castle Hall Reports 80% Increase in Use of DiligenceExpress, Now Used by Institutional Investors to Monitor $82 Trillion of Assets Under Management

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Castle Hall, the Due Diligence Company, today provided an update on the firm’s DiligenceExpress online due diligence monitoring tool. Use of the DiligenceExpress platform has increased exponentially, with institutional investors worldwide now using DiligenceExpress to monitor asset managers with total regulatory assets under management of more than $82 trillion.

“The entire Castle Hall team is thrilled by the growth of DiligenceExpress,” said Chris Addy, Castle Hall’s CEO. “Use of the platform has increased by more than 80% in under six months, which shows investors’ eagerness to rethink due diligence and embrace a digital transformation across their diligence workflow. And, of course, access to DiligenceExpress and its fully featured functionality remains completely free.”

The platform contains information on more than 22,000 asset managers and more than 70,000 fund entities. More than 600,000 individual diligence reports are now available to DiligenceExpress users, with reports archived since October 2017.

Part of Castle Hall’s next generation DiligenceHub online app, DiligenceExpress offers manager and private fund data sourced from Form ADV submissions filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Data is fully comprehensive, with no restrictions as to the scope or volume of data presented for registered users.

DiligenceExpress allows users to access:

  1. Extensive profiles of each Registered Investment Adviser / Exempt Reporting Adviser and every private fund. Information is delivered through an easy to use, online app, together with top quality PDF reports.
  2. DiligenceExpress analytics highlight potential risk factors, at a point in time and over time. Comprehensive dashboards enable tracking of analytics across an entire portfolio.
  3. Users can follow managers and be notified automatically by email each time a new ADV is filed, irrespective of the number of managers followed.
  4. DiligenceExpress offers fully comprehensive “change view” analysis online and in PDF, enabling users to compare any two Form ADV filings.
  5. All prior Form ADV information is archived without restriction.

Using DiligenceExpress, investors can see immediately if an asset manager has an existing or new regulatory action, if they have a related party broker dealer and if there have been any changes in the owners of the business. At the fund level, users can identify the prime brokers, administrators, auditors and directors of each fund structure, and verify whether those key service providers have changed.

“Several thousand asset managers registered with the SEC are currently updating their Form ADV information before March 31,” said Anne Coady, Castle Hall’s Managing Director. “DiligenceExpress provides a powerful due diligence solution to ADV monitoring, which previously would have cost thousands of dollars – now available to the asset management industry free of charge.”

DiligenceExpress is fully integrated into Castle Hall’s broader due diligence workflow. After reviewing Form ADV information, investors can progress to a reputational due diligence review as well as Castle Hall’s broader operational due diligence services. Investors can also access Castle Hall’s detailed ESG due diligence services at both the asset manager and fund / strategy level.

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