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CCGroup to Utilize National CMS Medicare Claims to Support Value-Based Agreements Between Health Plans and Health Systems

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the market leader in reliably measuring physician efficiency, supports
key components of value-based agreements using the company’s Centers for
Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovator project. The CCGroup
Innovator project allows access to all Medicare fee-for-service (FFS)
claims through the CMS Virtual Research Data Center (VRDC) – including
all acute care, post-acute care, physician visits, physician procedures,
and pharmacy services for more than 38 million individuals each year.
This includes all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

“We support value-based agreements by identifying and monitoring the
medical condition practice efficiency of primary care physicians (PCPs)
and specialists,” defined Dr.
Douglas G. Cave
, President of CCGroup. “A foundation for this
support is MedMarkers™ and Clinical MedMarker Protocol Ranges™. We first
define what these are, and then illustrate their importance to
value-based initiatives.”

MedMarkers™ are process of care quality measures, well-defined in
clinical guidelines. However, they are also the key services and
procedures most associated with cost-of-care in treating a medical
condition. For instance, MRI of Spine is the main MedMarker™ (or
correlated service) in treating non-complicated low back pain.
MedMarker™ technology is protected under numerous patents.

CCGroup is the only company in the market that has developed MedMarkers™
for all prevalent medical conditions. “Access to the Medicare FFS
beneficiary claims will only enhance our medical condition MedMarker™
capabilities,” Dr. Cave stated. “For instance, we will determine
additional MedMarkers™ responsible for efficient and inefficient
condition-specific practice variations.”

Clinical MedMarker Protocol Ranges™ are achievable and clinically
appropriate ranges of clinical practice for a MedMarker™. These ranges
are developed by presenting the CCGroup National Comparative MedMarker
Database results to CCGroup National Specialist Panels. Each specialist
on a CCGroup National Specialist Panel is asked to review medical
condition-specific MedMarker™ results. Then, they define the percentage
of patients where a MedMarker™ service is likely clinically warranted.

Based on the CCGroup National Specialist Panel results, an appropriate
Clinical MedMarker Protocol Range™ is selected for each medical
condition. “For example, the acceptable Clinical MedMarker Protocol
Range™ for routine low back pain is no more than 0-to-20 out of every
100 episodes with an MRI of Spine,” stated John Calvin, VP of Clinical
Systems at CCGroup.

MedMarkers™ and Clinical MedMarker Protocol Ranges™ are important to
value-based agreements between health plans and health systems. Dr. Cave
asserted, “Providers want to understand the services they need to focus
on to reduce unwarranted practice variations. The medical
condition-specific MedMarkers™ answer this need. Also, providers want to
know the appropriate level of utilization that does not represent
potential under-utilization of services. Clinical MedMarker Protocol
Ranges™ answer this later question.”

For each physician and health system, MedMarkers™ and Clinical MedMarker
Protocol Ranges™ prioritize the healthcare services to work on first by
quantifying the savings from reduced practice variations and improved
quality of care. Then, CCGroup monitors and quantifies the success of a
value-based program through reduced MedMarker™ practice variations.

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