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CellAntenna Provides Essential Critical Services to Keep Wireless Networks Running

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CellAntenna Corporation announced today that its Interference Mitigation services are providing an essential critical service for both public safety and commercial networks. Interference causes disruption of wireless communications that can severely impact critical Public Safety radios used by government agencies including first responders. Digital 4G LTE and 5G service are used for healthcare and commercial communications by the general public. Interference can interrupt, disrupt, and prevent critical communications when they count the most. To face this challenge head on, with over eighteen years of industry experience and expertise, the team of engineers at CellAntenna are highly skilled at identifying rogue and abnormal RF signals, identifying the pattern, and then locating the source.

“In this critical time, wireless communications serve as the link between all of us. It is essential that networks are able to continue operations unencumbered by interference,” said Howard Melamed, President of CellAntenna, “We have teams from coast to coast ready to deploy.”

CellAntenna provides a full suite of Interference Mitigation services that are able to identify, locate, and remove the source of interference. CellAntenna is also involved in removing issues when a customer’s unintentional interference prompts notification by the carrier or the FCC that they have a signal interference issue that needs to be corrected. CellAntenna will locate and clear the interference and notify the authorities when solved using specially trained field engineers.

With dedicated teams coast-to-coast, CellAntenna is uniquely qualified to provide this highly specialized service. For our carrier customers, CellAntenna has been a trusted partner to solve the most challenging cases. To facilitate easy acquisition of services, CellAntenna is able to offer the service through direct purchase or via its GSA Contract 47QTCA18D003M.

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CellAntenna Corporation offers end to end DAS services, including RF planning, installation, and support including 5G / CBRS installation, from the last mile to last millimeter. CellAntenna is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida, with regional offices in Plano, Texas and Silicon Valley, California, and is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) celebrating 18 years in business. Further information can be found at