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Celsee Issued New Patent for Single-Cell Capture System

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Celsee, Inc., today announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,416,070, entitled “Cell capture system and method of use,” which covers the automation of single-cell partitioning. Celsee has been issued ten patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in 2019, and now has a total of 30 issued or allowed patents and applications in its portfolio. Celsee’s patent portfolio covers many applications and features of Celsee’s instruments and products, including microwell-based single-cell capture, preparation, automation, genomic and proteomic analysis, and immunostaining.

“The pace at which these patents are being issued — with ten granted so far this year, and several others under consideration — is remarkable, especially in a field as competitive as single-cell analysis,” said Kalyan Handique, Chief Technology Officer at Celsee and an inventor on its patents. “We are pleased by the claims granted to us in these patents and believe they will bolster our company’s growth in the coming years, particularly through our ability to offer automated solutions for single-cell research.”

John Stark, Chief Executive Officer of Celsee, commented: “A strong IP position is essential for ensuring the long-term growth potential for any life sciences company. Celsee’s success in obtaining patents reflects the hard work of our incredibly innovative and talented team, and this will support our ongoing commitment to transforming what’s possible in single-cell analysis.”

Celsee’s technology enables high-throughput analysis of single cells with industry-leading capture rates. It uses a gentle, gravity-based method to capture and isolate thousands of individual cells while maintaining viability and structural integrity for robust downstream analysis. The company’s Genesis System includes on-system reverse transcription and achieves capture efficiencies of greater than 70% and improved sensitivity compared to other commonly used techniques for single-cell analysis.

About Celsee, Inc.

Celsee, Inc., a privately held company in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is breaking through the traditional barriers of single-cell analysis and delivering clinical-grade technology designed to support the life sciences revolution and precision medicine. Based on a gentle, gravity-induced, micro-well isolation technique, the patented technology forms the foundation for an elegant, scalable, and flexible single-cell analysis platform that makes more experiments feasible. Celsee’s first product, the Genesis System, enables scientists to analyze and interpret cellular behavior and collect previously inaccessible information for improved results in applications such as proteogenomics, next-generation sequencing, immune monitoring, and cell therapy. For more information, visit