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CES 2020: SecuX Launches the World’s First All-in-One Cryptocurrency Retail Payment Solution Built with Blockchain Hardware Wallet

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SecuX Technology Inc., a Blockchain Security Company, foresees the emerging of cryptocurrency payment and the requirement to let various Brick-and-Mortar Retailers accept different crypto coins/tokens through multiple wallet mobile apps in a single device.

SecuX Cryptocurrency Retail Payment Solution includes three components: The first one is a White-label Mobile App (or a SDK) that can add any payment cryptocurrency with the existing fiat-currency payment app. The second one is Payment Terminal/Module which can operate standalone without the internet connection. It is possible to connect to any legacy POS System or to install in the existing self-service machines or the vending machines. The third one is a Hardware Wallet with a military-grade Secure Element chip inside with a receiving address only to accept cryptocurrencies payments from SecuX payment terminals for the shop owner. SecuX cryptocurrency retail payment solution is the best choice as the aftermarket upgrade to the cryptocurrencies payments on their existing payment acceptance systems.

SecuX invites global frontier partners including Mobile Payment Service Companies, Brand Currency Hosts and Cryptocurrency Payment Providers to SecuX booths at Digital Money Forum and Eureka Park of CES 2020. You will experience how the crypto payments are effected on an offline brick-and-mortar store in a quicker, more secure and definitely more affordable!

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