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CES Asia 2019 Exhibitor Profiles

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CES Asia runs June 11 – 13, 2019 at the Shanghai New International Expo
Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai, China.

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Company: aiCTX AG
Booth: 6402
aiCTX is a leading-edge neuromorphic computing company. It provides
dedicated neuromorphic processors which overcome the limitations of
legacy von Neumann computers, achieving ultra-low-power consumption
and ultra-low-latency performance. As a full-stack neuromorphic
engineering company, aiCTX delivers complete solutions including
hardware and software configurations. aiCTX was founded in 2017,
based on ground-breaking advances in neuromorphic computing hardware
developed at the Institute of Neuroinformatics (University of
Zurich, ETH Zurich).
Booth: 6504
Artificial intelligence technologies for multiple skin
disease/cancer diagnosis in Real Time with an accuracy 91% to 99%.
Embedded AI for med tech imaging device using AI models on chips for
real time diagnosis. Skin image search engine with the collective
intelligence as a core feature, showing the most similar images
previously diagnosed by doctors and assists the new diagnosis based
on the new image query from a doctor.
Deep Cube strength is also to develop AI model for sleeping stage
classification as well as product development by integrating AI
model into hardware chips with strong software support.






Formlabs at CES Asia shows off Form 3, its new professional Low
Force Stereolithography (LFS) 3D printer, for the first time in
the APAC region. LFS 3D printing is an advanced form of
stereolithography (SLA) that delivers consistently flawless parts.
The LFS process uses a flexible tank to drastically reduce the
forces of the peel process, providing incredible surface finish
and detail, and linear illumination to deliver accurate,
repeatable parts. At the booth #3442, Formlabs will also be
showing off user stories from prototyping to end use applications,
hosting a presentation on new resins, alongside drawings and
special offers.



Guangzhou Candid Electronics Co., Ltd


Hall 5, N5001

Candid has more than 15 years’ experience of engagement in
automotive electronics research and development, production;
moreover the leading pioneer of automotive cameras and ADAS in
China. We provide customized services, including product
development, test and security electronics technology consultation
for OEM, PDI, and PDO markets. Approved by IATF16949/ISO14001/
OHSAS18001, Candid has rich project experience, a professional team
and exquisite manufacturing capacity. With independent manufacturing
bases for OE projects, we specialize in rearview camera, 3D around
view monitor system, microwave radar blind spot detection system,
driving video recorder, streaming video mirror and products of ADAS.
Company: HiScene Information Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: N3-3450
HiScene is a world-leading provider of augmented reality (AR)
products and services. HiScene integrates both software and hardware
to create a people-centered, scene-oriented AR platform. The company
has developed AI technologies such as computer vision, deep
learning, intelligent interaction etc. to serve the vertical market
with comprehensive AR industry solutions. HiScene was founded in
2012 and has 150 employees. We have our headquarters in Shanghai,
and local branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shenzhen and
Philadelphia. Wechat Public Account: hiscene.
Company: iGlass USA Inc.
Booth: Hall W5, 6136
iGlass Ultra-High-Image-Quality Near-Eye-Display Technology Is the
next generation of Big Screen display core tech, providing 2nd
screen for smart phones.
iGlass USA Inc. is a leading Silicon Valley display technology
company providing innovative giant-screen-size, small-form-factor,
ultra-light-weight AR/XR smart glasses, with ultra-high image
quality at an affordable consumer price. Its XGlass provides mobile
giant screens for smart phones or gaming consoles, works as a
monitor screen, LCD TV, Laser TV and Movie Theater screen
replacement, provides theater experience for passengers on
airplanes, trains, busses, or electrical cars, and works as a
hardware platform for all kinds of AR related vertical applications.
Company: Inceptio Technology
Booth: 4016
Inceptio Technology is a fast growing company that provides
autonomous trucking services empowered by its own autonomous driving
At CES Asia, Inceptio Technology will announce its first autonomous
truck empowered by in-house autonomous driving technology.
Inceptio Technology believes that autonomous driving technology will
fundamentally make drivers’ living and working more relaxing and
safer, and will significantly reduce the cost, hence to unlock the
efficiency bottleneck of logistics industry.
Inceptio Technology has R&D centers both in Shanghai and Silicon
Company: iniVation
Booth: Hall W5, 6404
At iniVation we create neuromorphic vision systems. Our bio-inspired
intelligent technology offers unprecedented advantages over
conventional machine vision systems.
Founded by the inventors of event-based vision, iniVation combines
decades of world-leading R&D experience with a deep network of >200
customers and partners across multiple industrial markets. Our
customers include global top-10 companies in automotive, consumer
electronics and aerospace.
The DVS emulates key aspects of the human visual system. A custom
sensor transmits only pixel-level changes, at microsecond time
resolution. It is equivalent to a high-speed camera running at
thousands of frames per second – but with far less data. The
resulting events are processed using novel state-of-the-art
algorithms to produce useful information – motion, objects,
positions, etc.
Company: Otter Products
Booth: 1024
Otter Products includes 2 industry leading protective solution
brands, both with a core emphasis on mobile handheld technology.
OtterBox is the dominating brand in phone cases that innovates bold
products that deliver confidence and trust in any pursuit. LifeProof
is a globally recognized waterproof case pioneer that has grown to
offer a lineup of action-ready phone cases and accessories that
empowers athletes, explorers and adventurers to live life without
Company: Pico Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: N1-1030
Pico–To become an entry level AI vision company through the layout
of VR+AR+TOF technology and products.
Pico is a technology company focusing on research and development of
VR, AR and TOF 3D sensing products and technologies. Founded in
2015, Pico has released a variety of All-in-one products and
industry solutions, equipped with our own software system and
developer platform which presents high-quality software and hardware
experiences for toC consumers and toB industry users. Currently,
Pico has grown to 300+ employees and has operations in China, Hong
Kong, United States, Europe, and Japan.
Company: Shanghai SLAMTEC Co., Ltd.
Booth: 2330
SLAMTEC was founded in 2013, and its core R&D team is experienced in
the development and application of robotic autonomous localization
and navigation solutions as well as related core sensors. By
providing high-efficient and reliable solutions for the robotics
industry, SLAMTEC has already become the pioneer of autonomous
localization and navigation solutions in the service robot industry.
Company: Tombooks (Tomplay)

6407, Swiss pavilion


Tomplay is an app for computers, tablets and smartphones. It
offers all musicians the possibility of practicing their
instrument along with high-quality audio recordings. Thanks to its
unique technology, the interactive scores scroll automatically
on-screen with the music, creating an immersive, concert hall
experience. With features such as controlling the speed of the
score’s recording, looping selected passages and self-recording,
Tomplay makes learning music simpler, more effective and more fun.

Tomplay app has been developed in collaboration with the world’s
largest classical music label Deutsche Grammophon and is used by
more than 400,000 musicians in 60 countries.


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