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ChargePoint, Chevron U.S.A. Inc. and California Energy Commission Make Driving Electric Across California More Accessible

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today announced the opening of one of the first groups of ChargePoint DC
fast chargers deployed as part of the California Energy Commission (CEC)
grant program, which aims to democratize fast charging solutions for EV
drivers along key highway locations. Located at the Coalinga
station on W. Dorris Avenue, one of the most popular stops
between San Francisco and Los Angeles along the heavily traveled
Interstate 5, the station is the only universal fast charging site
within a 100 mile radius and makes driving electric across California
even easier. This marks the latest milestone in the relationship between
ChargePoint and Chevron. Last December, Chevron Technology Ventures
participated in ChargePoint’s landmark $240
million Series H funding round
, which will support the expansion of
ChargePoint’s network, further enhance the experience for EV drivers,
and expand the company’s fleet solutions portfolio as the adoption of
electrified transportation grows.

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ChargePoint announced the opening of one of the first groups of DC fast chargers deployed as part of ...

ChargePoint announced the opening of one of the first groups of DC fast chargers deployed as part of the California Energy Commission’s effort to enable long distance electric travel in the state. The Chevron station in Coalinga has one of the only universal fast charging sites within 100 miles, enabling long distance travel along the heavily traveled I5. (Photo: Business Wire)

The fast chargers at the Coalinga Chevron station are part of a growing
network of charging solutions at key locations around the state and
beyond. The chargers have been installed as part of a California Energy
Commission program designed to increase access to EV charging along
major highways in the State, helping to facilitate longer distance
electric travel. The program is funded primarily by CEC grants and
augmented by ChargePoint, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control
District and various supporters.

“ChargePoint’s mission is to get every driver behind the wheel of an EV,
and the addition of DC fast chargers midway between San Francisco and
Los Angeles on California’s highly traveled Interstate 5 will help
unlock electric travel between two of the State’s largest metropolitan
areas,” said Rich Quattrini, Vice President, Infrastructure Deployment,
ChargePoint. “We’re delighted to leverage our industry expertise to work
with Chevron and the CEC to offer charging along some of the nation’s
busiest routes, with more openings scheduled in the coming weeks and
months. When complete, more than 65 locations will be available as part
of the CEC program serving drivers on all major California highways, in
addition to more than 20 fast charge locations planned closer to urban
centers, all connecting communities that previously had limited access
to EV charging.”

“We are excited to be working with ChargePoint to install electric
vehicle charging stations at targeted locations in California,” said
Adrian Bendeck, general manager of Chevron’s company-owned,
company-operated network of motor fuel stations. “While gasoline and
diesel remain an important part of California’s transportation energy
mix, we are always testing and exploring how to evolve our offering,
helping improve the consumer experience and working to remain the
preferred brand choice on the West Coast.”

The Coalinga Chevron station will provide drivers with access to three
ChargePoint DC fast charge stations and two level two AC charging spots,
providing a necessary amenity for EV drivers and playing an important
role in supporting the fueling network of the future. These charging
solutions are a key component of a larger effort to connect the state of
California with strategically placed fast charge solutions that will
make it more seamless for EV drivers during long distance trips.

Through the CEC-led program, ChargePoint is in the process of installing
more than 65 new places to charge along major corridors and in city
centers around the State. With these projects, the CEC is establishing a
repeatable funding model for EV charging that will continue to bring EV
charging to more areas.

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