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Charles River Delivers Industry-First Deciphex Patholytix Digital Pathology Peer Review for GLP Studies

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Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. (NYSE: CRL) today announced that it is the first company to offer clients Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) validated digital peer review using Deciphex Patholytix Preclinical for toxicologic pathology. Through its partnership with Deciphex, a leader in preclinical digital pathology software-as-a-service, Charles River will leverage Patholytix Preclinical software to enable this industry-leading, validated process for digital peer review to streamline and expedite the process of ensuring the quality and integrity of studies.

Peer review is an industry best practice to maintain the high-quality and standard of safety studies. Traditional methods can be cumbersome, requiring the manual packing and shipping of hundreds of glass slides or extensive travel of pathologists to other facilities for days of on-site reviews. Now for the first time, GLP digital peer review allows Charles River pathologists to scan and share slides with clients virtually for remote review and collaboration. The transition to digital helps accelerate the delivery of robust, decision-driving data and creates a faster, more efficient, more accurate, and standardized process for long-term operational and efficiency benefits. These enhancements ultimately reduce the drug delivery timeline and help save on costs related to study duration and travel. Additionally, in the era of COVID-19 when travel restrictions impact the ability to conduct these assessments in-person, the digital peer review will allow this step in the study process to continue uninhibited.

This offering builds on Charles River’s previously announced partnership with Deciphex in March 2020, which focused on the co-development of a digital pathology workflow that is enabled by deep learning tools to support accelerated pathology analytics. Through that partnership, Charles River also became the exclusive contract research organization distributing Patholytix Preclinical, Deciphex’s flagship product, to enhance capabilities in both digital primary and peer review.

Approved Quotes

  • “As part of Charles River’s continuing commitment to enable our clients to reach their development goals, we are excited to deliver a truly innovative GLP validated Digital Pathology Peer Review solution. By partnering closely with Deciphex, we have a transformational product, Patholytix Preclinical, that will drive greater efficiency and flexibility for study delivery across the globe.” – Kevin McDorman, Corporate Vice President of Pathology
  • “In the midst of COVID-19, the need for digital tools to streamline our current processes has never been greater. Partnering with Charles River to enable the digital transformation of pathology will support the industry-leading digital pathology work being done globally to thrive.”– Donal O’Shea, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Deciphex

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Deciphex are an Irish-based software company focused on developing digital pathology software for clinical and toxicologic pathology. Our ambition is to deliver solutions that provide tangible improvements in productivity to pathologists, eliminating low-level tasks so they can focus on the critical content. We believe that digital pathology combined with artificial intelligence will help make pathologists work more efficiently in the future, and offers a solution to the pending crisis in supply / demand in pathology services. Deciphex plan to be at the forefront of this revolution with cleverly positioned solutions, that deliver on the biggest problems facing pathology today. To learn more about Deciphex and Patholytix preclinical, visit