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Charlottesville Groups, Pieces Technologies Unite to Help Patients Access Community-Based Health Resources

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Pieces Technologies, Inc. is partnering with Charlottesville community groups and UVA Health to help improve the wellbeing of local residents by better connecting them with community resources that can address needs such as food, housing and other social determinants of health.

The goal is to use Pieces Technologies’ software to streamline communications between UVA and local community-based organizations to ensure patients get the best care to meet all of their health needs, including when they are outside the hospital or clinic. Researchers believe that only a fraction of a patient’s outcomes are driven by the medical care they receive, while more than 80 percent of outcomes are attributable to social determinants of health.

“UVA is partnering with several different community-based organizations, touching on a diversity of social determinants of health such as housing, workforce development, food, mental health, substance abuse treatment and transportation,” said Amy Salerno, MD, MHS, Director of Community Health & Wellbeing at UVA. “Enhancing communications between UVA and our community partners will provide us with a more holistic picture of a patient’s health journey, and gives us a chance to work together to provide an even greater level of care for our community.”

“In utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence and natural language processing solutions and by enabling feedback loops with community organizations we can assist UVA and their community partners in providing the best possible care to their community,” said Ruben Amarasingham, MD, MBA, CEO of Pieces Technologies.

The collaboration between Pieces Technologies and UVA is slated to go live in January 2020.

About Pieces Technologies

Pieces Technologies, Inc. reimagines the intersection of healthcare and technology by building software that interprets patient information in real-time, transforming billions of data points into warning tools that can save lives and strengthen communities inside and outside of hospital walls. Using cloud-based artificial intelligence with clinically based natural language processing (NLP) and physician-supervised machine learning, Pieces Tech solutions help streamline clinician workflows and improve patient outcomes. Combined, our solutions, Pieces DS and Pieces Iris, create a comprehensive and unique solution for connected community health. For more information about deploying Pieces at your health system, please visit or follow @PiecesTech

About UVA Health

UVA Health System includes a 612-bed hospital, the UVA School of Medicine, a level I trauma center, nationally recognized cancer and heart centers and primary and specialty clinics throughout Central Virginia. UVA is recognized for excellence by U.S. News & World Report, Best Doctors in America and America’s Top Doctors.