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Chatbots Can Effectively Resolve 65% of Customer Inquiries When Applied to the E-commerce Industry

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Consumers want information instantly and chatbots have become the
perfect partner for companies of any size to answer inquiries
immediately. As a result, more and more brands have been adopting this
technology, but how are they implementing it and what results are they

technology company specialized in helping enterprises boost their
customer service and sales growth through AI solutions, carried out a
study to illustrate how companies are implementing chatbots and
artificial intelligence in the Americas. This study was part of a wider comprehensive
that the company developed focused on the use of chatbots and
AI in online sales.

The company analyzed a targeted sample of about 30 of their customers.
It focused on businesses of different sizes that sell or offer a service
or product through digital channels (categorized by Aivo as E-commerce)
and use AgentBot,
its AI-enriched chatbot solution.

From the information gathered, the following conclusions were drawn:

E-commerce businesses use chatbots across different channels to
achieve concrete objectives:

  • Companies that sell or offer online services usually implement
    chatbots on multiple channels. They mainly use their website, Facebook
    Messenger and Whatsapp to communicate with their clients.
  • Most of these companies use chatbots to: increase sales, reduce costs,
    improve the customer experience, optimize customer service processes,
    deflect repetitive inquiries, offer omnichannel experiences, automate
    support on digital channels, add new support channels, and offer
    clients self-service tools.

There is a high volume of engagement between clients and chatbots,
especially regarding inquiries to accompany the purchase process:

  • On average, E-commerce companies that use AgentBot have 3.746
    monthly conversations
    with their clients and 10.110 interactions.
  • The peaks of use of the chatbot during the week often vary according
    to the geography. The day most customers request a chatbot’s support
    for anglosaxon markets like USA and Canada was Thursdays, for Brazil
    it was Mondays and for Mexico, Wednesdays.
  • Most responses to customer inquiries only take 2-3 interactions
    with the chatbot. Usually, most questions have to do with
    complementary information currently missing from the company’s website
    (which is easy to provide) but important to the purchase process.

Customers found chatbots to be useful tools to help resolve issues

  • In the last 6 months, AgentBot allowed companies to solve most of the
    inquiries and questions from clients. 65% of inquiries were
    effectively answered by the chatbot. Only 21% of the total
    queries had to be transferred to a human agent.
  • The chatbot has proven to be a practical and valuable tool for these
    companies’ clients. 2 out of 10 clients used it more than once in the
    last 6 months.

The study also focused on the impact implementing chatbots have not only
for customers but on businesses itself.

Speaking about the results of the study, Aivo’s CEO, Martin
Frascaroli, commented:
“It is extremely important to have your
customers at the center of your strategy, not only because you will be
able to provide them with the best experience but also because it will
make your business thrive. Innovating and implementing AI in your sales
strategy can seem like something complex and futuristic, but there are
very practical concrete applications to improve customer experience and
your business outcomes, especially in the sales, marketing and customer
service departments. And chatbots are a great example of that.”

Those interested in learning more about this research, can download this
ebook for free here.

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