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Chetu Delivers Enhanced Functionality to Cap Software’s Leading Point of Sale Platform

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Chetu, the leading developer of world-class, custom software solutions, today announced the delivery of its latest point-of-sale programming to CAP Software, a prominent provider of specialty retail management needs, to enhance its core POS product, SellWise Pro.

With the increased demand for viable POS solutions in the retail market, Chetu partnered with CAP Software to enhance its SellWise Pro platform, with modern and intuitive dashboard functionality, as well as faster navigation and loading times. Leveraging its expertise in graphic design, UI and dashboarding development, Chetu was contracted to deliver a solution that provides improved management of featured tools, including, CRM functionality, sales and expense reporting, inventory control, and payment processing integration.

“It was challenging to find a local, quality developer with expertise in retail technology that could meet our tight deadline,” said Will Atkinson, president of CAP Software. “Chetu helped us quickly define and maintain our development stream without using expensive in-house resources. Our partnership gave us more flexibility as we develop, and to continue to offer our customers the best in POS solutions.”

A leader in custom retail software, Chetu develops POS systems for some of the world’s largest brands and offers customized, industry-specific solutions to other technology providers to improve their product offerings.

“We take pride in our expertise when it comes to POS technology development, and we are excited to see the latest version of SellWise Pro enter the market,” said Nikhil Koranne, assistant vice president of operations at Chetu. “Our team members’ performance on this project truly exhibits why our software delivery method is one of the best in the industry.”

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