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Chipest: a Global Ecommerce Platform With a Local Mindset, Localizing Transactions and Services to Help Anyone Shop Online Confidently

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Chipest is a new eCommerce platform with the ambition to provide the locals customers around the world with a convenient way to compare products and purchase from the world’s largest eCommerce sites. Over one million people have already visited Chipest website, a platform which features millions of products across hundreds of categories, for anyone to shop the best online deals online with confidence and ease.

With an initial launch in Israel and Romania, Chipest is set to expand across five new countries in the upcoming year, offering customers a localized experience to provide them with the best shopping experience. Since Chipest aggregates products from multiple retailers, users can rest assured they are getting the best deals on their purchases without having to check multiple sites.

Key benefits of Chipest include:

  • Speak your language: localized experience that includes product description, purchase flow, delivery service, and post-purchase support.
  • Local customer support: if there is a problem with your order you can connect with a local representative in your country, your timezone, and your language.
  • Compare to get the best deal: with aggregated products from the biggest platforms, users can compare the product deals and prices without having to browse endlessly.
  • Widest product range: browse a huge catalogue from across multiple platforms, including second-hand options.
  • One account: no need to open multiple accounts to shop from different retailers, shop the web globally with one local account to pay for your international purchases.

Ofer Furst, CEO at cheapest said: “We are offering a global product catalogue to help anyone get the best online deals online with confidence and ease. Chipest helps local customers get the best buying experience in their language, with local customer service, in a single destination.”

Nadav Brandstarter, Founder & CEO at Webpick Internet Holdings added: “I am very excited to support Chipest vision to create a best-in-class eCommerce platform that brings unprecedented choice and convenience in territories and countries that are ripe for change.”

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