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Cinedigm Releases the Award-Winning Film SAVIORS

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Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) and Glass House Distribution announced their second release with SAVIORS, the Winner of the Jury Award at the Madrid International Film Festival and the Beverly Hills Film Festival Audience Choice Award. The film garnered further nominations and praise during its festival run, including going on to be one of two US films nominated at RAINDANCE for best feature, where great word of mouth led to sold-out screenings, and earning Greenslate a directing nod at St. Louis International. SAVIORS is available today on Digital and DVD.

In a single, continuous take spanning multiple locations, writer and director Christopher Greenslate takes his audience deep into an amazingly taut and suspenseful ride through the racially charged world filled with a hateful divide many people face every day.

SAVIORS follows a young woman as she embeds herself into a white power group to locate her adoptive African-American mother but on her first night, she is forced to test her allegiance to the group when she finds herself needing to make a life or death decision after the group returns from a rally with a van holding black hostages.

Inspired by Greenslate’s own experiences with dangerous white nationalists in the southern California punk and hardcore music scene, he’s found a visceral and visually eloquent way to bring these relevant issues to screen in his debut film.

“I grew up around and was often in confrontation with dangerous white people, so the film reflects that,” said Christopher Greenslate. “Unfortunately, what’s happening around the country and most recently in Kenosha is nothing new. White people have either been perpetrators of violence, or have shirked responsibility for too long. It’s as if white people have been asleep, allowing ourselves to live in this dream life where everything’s fine. So, if the life of this film and its impact is to help puncture the dream then I’ve done my job.”


Distribution Company: Cinedigm

Film Release: September 8, 2020

Running Time: 87 minutes

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen

Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital

Subtitles: English SDH

Genre: Drama, Suspense

Rated: Not Rated

Written by: Christopher Greenslate

Directed by: Christopher Greenslate

Starring: Megan Johnson, Nathaniel Stroud, Joe Cadiff

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Greenslate is a two time Sloan Screenwriting award winner, and was nominated for two college Emmy’s for his work while at the AFI Conservatory. In television, he recently sold his original pilot VILLAGE PARK to Universal Cable Productions, with Gary Dauberman (IT, IT pt. 2, Annabelle) attached to direct. He is currently adapting the New Yorker premiering short story MR. BONES by Paul Theroux as a feature film that he is attached to direct with Conde Nast producing. Beyond the screen, Christopher’s work has been published by Hyperion Books (ABC/Disney) and The New York Times. SAVIORS is his first film.


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