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Citadel Securities Opens New Office in Austin, Texas

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Citadel Securities, a leading global market maker, today announced the opening of its newest office in Austin, Texas. The office will serve as another research and innovation hub for the firm and will primarily accommodate its growing technology and quantitative research teams. It is the latest addition to Citadel Securities’ growing global footprint, which includes locations in Chicago, New York, London, Hong Kong, Toronto, Sydney, Shanghai, Dublin and Zurich.

Opening an office in Austin, which provides access to leading universities and an exceptional talent pool, closely aligns with Citadel Securities’ focus on investing in top technology and quantitative talent.

“Our unique strengths in technology and predictive analytics have always been at the core of our success, which is why we are excited to expand into one of the world’s fastest growing hubs for talent and innovation in these areas,” said Peng Zhao, CEO of Citadel Securities. “We see tremendous opportunity for growth in Austin and we very much look forward to being an active part of its vibrant community.”

Citadel Securities has been growing its technology and quantitative research teams over the past several years and has made several prominent recent hires, adding UNIX pioneer and renowned computer scientist Stuart Feldman as a Senior Advisor and award-winning statistician Nicolai Meinshausen as Senior Fellow and Head of Principal Research. The firm also opened an office in Zurich Switzerland earlier this year.

Citadel Securities trades in 35+ countries around the world and provides liquidity in a variety of products across fixed income, equities, derivatives, ETFs and FX. The firm is a top equity and options market maker in the U.S., trading over 40% of U.S. retail equity volume and over 20% of total U.S. equity volume every day. It is also the #1 Designated Market Maker (DMM) on the New York Stock Exchange, where it is responsible for trading the shares of more than 1,400 listed entities and plays a key role in managing trading during the IPO process. The firm has served as the DMM for a number of recent high profile transactions, including the direct listings of Spotify and Slack Technologies and the IPO of Uber. It also has a robust FICC business that serves over 1200 institutional clients across 52 countries.

About Citadel Securities

Citadel Securities is a leading global market maker, delivering a broad array of fixed income and equity products to banks, broker-dealers, government agencies, corporations, insurers, and sovereign wealth funds. Through innovation and efficiency, the firm provides liquidity with the goal of driving price discovery in more than 35 countries and making markets more competitive, open, and transparent. Since its founding more than 15 years ago, Citadel Securities has cultivated a culture of excellence, assembling the brightest minds in trading, technology, and the sciences to make better markets for a better world.