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City of Austin Selects CityBase to Move Payments Process to the Cloud

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CityBase, a leading provider of government and utility payment technology, today announced an agreement with the City of Austin that will enable residents and visitors the choice to pay bills and municipal fees online and via mobile devices. CityBase is a business unit of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: GTYH) (“GTY”), a leading provider of SaaS/Cloud solutions for the public sector.

The City of Austin, a technology innovator that puts residents first in its digital strategy, selected the CityBase payment platform as part of its continued focus on service enhancements. The cloud-based, API-driven platform will provide safe and secure online and mobile options to pay permitting fees, quarterly hotel occupancy taxes, public information requests, and more.

“When our online payments contract was expiring, we knew there were areas of improvement for both the City and customer that we could focus on. These included modernizing payment methods, reconciliation process improvements, and gaining greater flexibility in how the payment process works and how we can leverage that for a better experience for the City and end user,” said Mark Caraway, Information Systems Division Manager, City of Austin. “As we are in a pandemic, it is imperative that our residents and businesses have the ability to interact with the City and make payments electronically now more than ever. We see our new partnership with CityBase as an opportunity to improve our operational efficiency and service for a broad range of billing systems across many departments here at the City.”

“Austin is a culturally inclusive city making government services work for its residents, rather than making residents work to receive government services,” said Mike Duffy, CEO and Founder at CityBase. “This contract and project will further that effort, with the bid process as evidence that Austin has a clear vision and objectives for both improving staff operations and providing an excellent customer experience. We’re excited to partner on this initiative, and for our work with Austin to become the foundation of future partnerships in Texas.”

The new CityBase platform will link various disparate departmental billing systems together with a common payment user interface, improve back-end reconciliation and efficiency, while providing City finance and IT teams access to modern, real-time data and service integrations. The platform will also continue to transform the payments experience for residents by introducing innovative payment options that allow for increased flexibility, reliability, and security.

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CityBase makes government and utility technology that modernizes and unifies the way people find, apply, and pay for services. More than 100 government agencies, utilities, cities, and counties use CityBase technology to provide hassle-free payments and digital services to their customers and staff. CityBase integrates payment functionality, business processes, and communications onto a central, cloud-based platform that consumers can access through the web, mobile, kiosk, or point of sale. Learn more at

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GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:GTYH) (“GTY”) brings leading public sector technology companies together to achieve a new standard in stakeholder engagement and resource management. Through its six business units, GTY offers an intuitive cloud-based suite of solutions for state and local governments, education institutions, and healthcare organizations spanning functions in procurement, payments, grant management, budgeting, and permitting: Bonfire provides strategic sourcing and procurement software to enable confident and compliant spending decisions; CityBase provides government payment solutions to connect constituents with utilities and government agencies; eCivis offers a grant management system to maximize grant revenues and track performance; OpenCounter provides government payment software to guide applicants through complex permitting and licensing procedures; Questica offers budget preparation and management software to deliver on financial and non-financial strategic objectives; Sherpa provides public sector budgeting software and consulting services.