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City of Hamilton Realizes Massive Efficiencies With Integrated Solution From Cohesity and HPE

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Cohesity today announced that the City of Hamilton, one of the ten most
populous municipalities in Canada, achieved massive improvements to its
backup and recovery and data management processes with a joint
from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Cohesity.

The City of Hamilton needed a better way to back up its primary
infrastructure, which consists of approximately 600 servers with 400TB
of production data running across two data centers on HPE Nimble
Storage. The IT division, which supports more than 75 different public
services for the City of Hamilton, including public health, emergency
services, and garbage and recycling, initially chose point products for
backups to replace an outdated process of backing up data to magnetic
tape. The point products were effective in the short term, but the team
ran into problems when they tried to scale up, frequently running out of
storage capacity and missing targeted backup windows. When it came to
backing up data tied to key public services, this was unacceptable.

After HPE announced an
OEM partnership
with Cohesity to empower customers to more
efficiently back up their data and solve critical challenges pertaining
to mass
data fragmentation
, the city’s IT team decided to deploy Cohesity
as a repository for the massive volumes of backup data
using third-party backup software. As performance and scale problems
with the third-party backup software continued, the team opted to use Cohesity
to handle backup and recovery natively – deploying it as
a modern and validated HPE solution running on HPE ProLiant servers.

With the switch to Cohesity DataProtect, the city achieved a highly
efficient backup and recovery process while greatly simplifying
management of its global data infrastructure. File server backups that
used to take 12 hours are now completed in 12 minutes, and the backup
window went from five days to five hours. By improving global
deduplication with Cohesity, backups of the city’s Microsoft Exchange
email system shrunk to approximately one-sixth of their previous size,
with additional efficiencies realized with the city’s file, object, and
application servers.

“Throughput and capacity are amazing, and leveraging technology like
Change Block Tracking gives us optimized performance levels we have
never seen in our environment,” said Jonathon Mancini, supervisor, Data
Center Operations, City of Hamilton. “The Cohesity solution is the
secret sauce that makes our backup infrastructure better.”

In addition, the performance and scale improvements with Cohesity saved
more than 20 hours of staff time per week, allowing IT employees to
focus on important new projects rather than dealing with cost overruns,
complexity, and compliance risks. With Cohesity
, the IT team can now manage and automate infrastructure
across its entire environment from a single pane of glass and monitor
any changes in their backup data to prevent a potential ransomware
. Deploying the complete Cohesity solution, validated and sold
by HPE, also eliminated expenses associated with licensing, third-party
backup software, and managing disparate hardware. As a government
agency, the City of Hamilton has strict procurement rules, and the
ability to purchase the Cohesity solution on HPE – an established
“vendor of record” for the government – allowed the IT team to avoid a
complex and time-consuming order process and use the HPE hardware they
knew and trusted.

“We have combined innovative software from Cohesity and industry-leading
infrastructure solutions and services from HPE to deliver incredible
data management capabilities and unmatched benefits to forward-thinking
organizations like the City of Hamilton,” said Patrick Osborne, vice
president, Big Data and Secondary Storage, HPE. “With a streamlined
procurement process for a wide range of certified joint solutions, we
are seeing a growing number of enterprises realize the value of the
combination of Cohesity and HPE technologies.”

With a reliable and efficient backup process in place, the City of
Hamilton is now looking to expand the use cases for its Cohesity
deployment to cover file shares and cloud archiving, further reducing
mass data fragmentation complexities. The IT team also plans to leverage Cohesity
to download applications that run directly on Cohesity
DataPlatform to analyze backup data and uncover new insights.

In total, the City of Hamilton realized numerous benefits with its
Cohesity deployment on HPE servers:

  • Backup times for incremental backups reduced by 60x – from 12 hours to
    12 minutes
  • Faster restores with the ability to find any file across 5.7PB of
    backup data within 30 seconds, saving several hours of staff time each
  • Substantial reduction in storage utilization, using just one-sixth of
    disk space compared to previous solutions, thanks to global, variable
    deduplication and compression
  • Combined savings on capital and operational expenses from licensing,
    infrastructure, and staff efficiencies
  • Flexibility to seamlessly extend on-premises data centers to hybrid
    and public clouds

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