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City of Santa Barbara Doubles-down on its Thriving Workplace Culture with Workforce Dimensions from Kronos

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today announced the City of Santa Barbara, California
will deploy the revolutionary Workforce Dimensions cloud suite
integrated with Workforce TeleStaff, an automated scheduling solution
specifically designed for public safety. This technology investment
demonstrates the local government’s commitment to productivity and
modernizing its employee experience to maintain a supportive workplace
culture for all.

News Facts

  • The City of Santa Barbara, a service-driven organization known for its
    high standards, takes pride in serving the public and its 1,600
    employees across 13 city departments. Santa Barbara is investing in
    technology to empower its modern workforce by upgrading from a
    paper-based workforce management system to Workforce
    , an automated solution built on the Kronos
    D5 platform
    and powered by AIMEE,
    an AI engine built specifically for managers and employees.
  • The future-ready features of Workforce Dimensions closely align with
    the City of Santa Barbara’s mission to equip all employees – whether
    salaried, hourly, or seasonal – with the tools and technology they
    need to thrive, be productive, and serve the public.

    • Predictive analytics embedded within Workforce Dimensions reveal
      intelligent, in-the-moment insights into daily workforce
      operations and potential compliance issues. For instance, managers
      and supervisors will be alerted to approaching employee overtime,
      providing greater visibility into hours worked so employees can be
      properly compensated.
    • Automated timekeeping and timecard approvals will provide
      real-time visibility into critical workforce data while improving
      payroll accuracy and streamlining administrative work for
      supervisors, empowering them to focus on more strategic tasks.
    • A fully responsive design delivers the same engaging user
      experience from a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. The
      consumer-grade interface is easy to navigate and empowers
      employees to submit time-off requests, view schedules, clock in
      and out of shifts, and check time-off balances with just a few
      clicks. Mobile self-service features will particularly benefit
      Santa Barbara’s parks and recreation department, where many
      employees report directly to the field instead of an office.
    • Customizable dashboards and a pre-configured integration with
      Microsoft Outlook will give users control over how they consume
      information while simplifying workflows. For example, the Outlook
      integration makes it quick and easy for both employees to submit
      and managers to respond to time-off requests directly via email.
    • Santa Barbara’s existing payroll solution also integrates
      seamlessly with Workforce Dimensions to eliminate manual data
      entry, providing payroll managers with more time to support
      employees and answer questions.
  • Workforce
    integrated with Workforce Dimensions will improve the
    speed and accuracy of managing scheduling operations for hundreds of
    public safety personnel across the City of Santa Barbara.

    • The intelligent solution will allow department supervisors to
      pre-build schedules based on demand, employee preferences, and
      accrual balances, and will automatically allocate overtime fairly,
      track employee skills and certifications, and help minimize
      compliance risk by validating all staffing decisions against
      applicable union rules and labor laws in real time.
    • Integrated scheduling and communication functionality will give
      users a streamlined experience along with greater levels of shared
      data between the two solutions. Workforce Telestaff will eliminate
      manual phone calls and expedite real-time scheduling, ensuring the
      right employees are automatically contacted in the right order – a
      process that improves employee satisfaction, unburdens
      supervisors, and drives productivity.
    • A responsive user interface means employees can access Workforce
      TeleStaff from any device, including self-service features that
      allow them to easily swap a shift from their mobile phone –
      anytime, anywhere.
  • The City of Santa Barbara will implement Workforce Dimensions and
    Workforce TeleStaff with personalized support from Kronos customer
    success and strategic advisory teams to achieve the greatest value
    from its Kronos investment.

Supporting Quotes

  • Maryanne Knight, information technology manager, City of Santa
    Barbara, California

    “Our organization is made up of people
    who take pride in serving the public – so, naturally, we want to do
    right by our employees. Of the products the City reviewed, Workforce
    Dimensions is the only fully integrated workforce management solution
    capable of meeting the high standards of Santa Barbara’s city-wide
    workforce. Automation is key to achieving our employee engagement
    goals, but integration with a proven, public safety scheduling
    solution like Workforce TeleStaff is essential. The fact that Kronos
    could address the complex needs of our various departments with a
    single, integrated solution delivering a modern user experience was
    the deciding factor in our selection of Workforce Dimensions.”
  • Jennifer Dowd, senior manager, public sector industry, Kronos
    that engagement is critical for building an inspired workforce, the
    City of Santa Barbara is leveraging Workforce Dimensions to cultivate
    an unrivaled employee experience. Employees will benefit from
    consumer-grade workplace technology that provides an intuitive user
    experience while automating formerly manual processes and generating
    cost-savings that can be reinvested in the community.”

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