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Cloudability Opens Registration for CloudyCon ‘19 – Amazon Web Services Joins as Platinum Sponsor

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Cloudability, the pioneer and leader of the FinOps market, today announced it has opened registration for CloudyCon ‘19 – the first conference dedicated to FinOps and Cloud Financial Management, scheduled for Sept. 10-12 at the Marriott Burlingame near San Francisco. Featuring Amazon Web Services (AWS) as Platinum Sponsor, CloudyCon ‘19 is a must-see event for IT, finance and business leaders responsible for the adoption and success of their organization’s cloud journey – whether they are just starting a migration, operating in a hybrid on-prem/cloud environment or born in the cloud practitioners. Speakers include Atlassian, OLX, Nationwide, Pearson Education, Red Hat, Spotify and more. For sponsorship or registration information, please visit. Diversity scholarships are available for qualified applicants here, and the conference will be live streamed for those who cannot attend.

“Nearly every CIO I talk to is pursuing a “cloud-first” strategy as part of their digital transformation, but few organizations actually have a clear strategy or vision that takes into consideration the complexity of hybrid IT and application architecture,” said Margaret Dawson, Vice President Portfolio Product Marketing at Red Hat. “To achieve digital leadership takes alignment and collaboration across IT, lines of business, and finance, and CloudyCon is where this discussion and alignment is happening.”

CloudyCon attendees will gain knowledge through breakout sessions, workshops, FinOps certification courses, “how to” cloud financial management use cases and tutorials on FinOps – an operating model that empowers IT, finance and business teams to maintain high velocity IT delivery while mastering the unit economics of cloud. Attendees will also receive exclusive access to the new O’Reilly book Cloud FinOps: Collaborative, Real-Time Cloud Financial Management, now available for pre-order on Amazon. FinOps is a combination of systems, best practices and culture used by the largest cloud spenders in the world to increase an organization’s ability to understand cloud costs while bringing financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud. More details about FinOps are available here, and to learn more about joining the FinOps Foundation, a non-profit trade association focused on FinOps best practices and standards, click here.

The event will bring together hundreds of industry leaders and analysts from around the globe for three days of discussion about codifying best practices around cloud spend. Participants represent a range of disciplines, including: FinOps practitioners, technology leaders, business executives, technical procurement managers, cloud financial analysts, cloud economists and finance operations professionals. To sign up for conference updates, please visit or follow #CloudyCon.

About Cloudability

Cloudability is the pioneer and leader of the emerging FinOps market, a new practice area that brings financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud. With more than $9 billion in cloud spend under management, Cloudability’s cloud financial management platform is built to help IT, Finance and business teams make timely decisions about cloud usage and master the unit economics of cloud. Many of the world’s top cloud spenders including BP and Siemens rely on the platform to balance the speed, cost and quality of cloud. Based in Portland, Oregon, Cloudability helped found and is the Technical Advisor of the FinOps Foundation. For more information, visit