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Cloudflare Acquires S2 Systems Corporation for Next-Gen Browser Isolation

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, (NYSE: NET), the security, performance, and reliability
company helping to build a better Internet, today announced that it has
acquired S2 Systems Corporation (S2), a company that has developed
patented browser isolation technology to make everyday web browsing
safer and faster. Following this acquisition, Cloudflare expects to add
S2’s technology to Cloudflare
, part of Cloudflare
for Teams
, a new security suite that is designed to protect
corporate employees and data without sacrificing performance.

S2, based in Kirkland, Washington, has developed browser isolation
technology that executes browser code on cloud servers rather than on a
user’s device. The solution keeps security threats away from the device,
only sending rendering instructions to the viewer’s browser. Users
navigate the Internet without adding risk posed by threats across the
public Internet.

Existing solutions typically rely on streaming video of web content
(pixel streaming) or attempting to sanitize known malicious content (DOM
reconstruction) that forces users to make a tradeoff between security
and performance. S2’s approach is designed to avoid this tradeoff.
Cloudflare expects that S2’s technology will be able to protect
endpoints from zero-day vulnerabilities without sacrificing speed,
website compatibility, or user experience.

“The experienced team at S2 Systems has built an advanced technology
that we believe surpasses other browser isolation technologies,” said
Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “When we met their
team and evaluated the technology they’ve built, we knew that they had
the missing piece we needed to support our Gateway product and build out
our new Cloudflare for Teams capabilities. We can’t wait to integrate
their stellar team within Cloudflare and utilize their remarkable
technology in our platform as we continue to help build a better

“Cloudflare’s team is nimble and mission-led, and we felt there were
great synergies across our teams and alignment across our ambitions and
goals. Their ability to run code at the edge—the way it should be run—is
unlike anything we’ve seen before, and we’re excited to join our
technology with their existing platform,” said Darren Remington,
co-founder of S2 Systems. “In joining Cloudflare’s team,” said David
Harnett, co-founder and CEO of S2 Systems, “we truly feel that we can
make a difference across the whole Internet, by making it faster,
better, and safer for all users.”

Customers and industry peers agree:

Amit Mital, former CTO of Symantec and current CEO of Kernel Labs said,
“S2’s technology is an innovative approach that changes the fundamental
calculus for remote browser isolation. When combined with the global
Cloudflare network and edge compute capabilities of Cloudflare Workers,
it represents a revolution of the browser and how we securely interact
with the web.”

“We have been testing S2’s cloud browser and are blown away by the
capabilities of this system. We’ve evaluated other remote browser
isolation solutions and the S2 Systems approach is an exciting
breakthrough in this space,” said John Carreno, VP IT Infrastructure and
Operations at ARS.

“Our company is a national consulting firm serving enterprise clients
who need a web browsing solution that provides security without
compromising user experience or website compatibility,” said Ryan
Janzen, Managing Partner at Teleion Consulting. “The S2 cloud browser
checks every box. It is not only transparent, but faster than regular

S2’s founding team members are former senior Microsoft employees and
have strong backgrounds in Enterprise technology. As a result of the
acquisition, the S2 team has joined Cloudflare and is located at
Cloudflare’s new office in the Seattle metropolitan area.

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