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Cloudflare Enters New Security Market: Launches Cloudflare for Teams to Make the Internet Experience Faster and Safer for Enterprises and their Employees

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(NYSE: NET), the security, performance, and reliability company
helping to build a better Internet, today announced that it has launched Cloudflare
for Teams™
, a set of solutions that will secure corporations and
their employees globally, without sacrificing performance. Cloudflare
for Teams is centered around two core products—Cloudflare
and Cloudflare

Cloudflare Access

Cloudflare Access is a Zero Trust identity and access management
solution that secures, authenticates, and monitors user access to ensure
that employees and devices are who they say they are. To do this,
Cloudflare is working with identity
, including Okta, OneLogin, and Ping Identity. Cloudflare
also works with major endpoint security providers, including VMware
Carbon Black, Malwarebytes, and Tanium to ensure that users’ devices
accessing applications have the latest protections and updates.

With employees and contractors spread around the world, the traditional
VPN model is slow, clunky and a pain to work with. As a result,
employees often try to circumvent corporate VPNs, creating additional
security risks for themselves and for their companies. Because Access is
built on Cloudflare’s existing global network, which spans 200 cities in
more than 90 countries, it sits within 100 milliseconds of nearly all of
Cloudflare’s users. With this scale, Cloudflare can deliver an
experience to teams that is safe and fast, no matter where they are in
the world.

Cloudflare Gateway

Cloudflare Gateway is a new solution being developed that will secure
and filter outbound Internet traffic to protect employees from threats
on the public Internet. Gateway will also ensure that Internet-browsing
employees don’t bring malware or vulnerable code into the organization.
Existing technologies can slow down the user experience or are not
effective at stopping attacks. Gateway will instead keep employees and
their devices safer online, without sacrificing performance. Cloudflare
is also partnering with cloud networking partners including Ciphercloud
and Cloudgenix to deliver these solutions to enterprises.

Gateway will replace firewall appliances in offices, negate the need for
new hardware, eliminate expensive MPLS fees, and deliver anti-malware
scanning and software closer to the user, stopping threats before they
hit the network.

Three versions are in development that will be available:

  • Gateway will include DNS-based filtering and audit logging
  • Gateway Pro will secure all Internet-bound traffic
  • Gateway Enterprise will deliver data loss prevention and include
    always-on browser isolation from the newly-acquired
    S2 Systems Corporation

“With the rise of SaaS, cloud, and an increasingly mobile workforce,
existing security solutions don’t work for modern-day employees or their
employers,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare.
“Employees need to access their applications quickly and securely,
browse the public Internet without threatening company security, and be
able to do all of this no matter where they are. Cloudflare for Teams
gives companies and their employees a better way to do work, without
added inconvenience.”

Benefits of Cloudflare for Teams include:

  • Fast: Cloudflare for Teams is built for speed from the ground
    up. Threat filtering runs on one of the world’s fastest DNS resolvers
    and delivers a VPN replacement that will improve performance, instead
    of slowing users down.
  • Vast threat intelligence: Cloudflare for Teams applies the
    threat intelligence collected from securing more than 20M Internet
    properties and blocking an average of 72B cyber threats per day.
  • Seamless to implement and manage: Cloudflare for Teams is
    expected to take less than an hour to deploy and saves hours of
    end-user time compared to traditional VPN solutions. IT teams can also
    manage comprehensive network security within the same dashboard or
    through Cloudflare’s partners, including Splunk, Datadog, and Sumo
  • Massive scalability: With 30 Tbps of network capacity,
    Cloudflare’s network can scale to meet the needs of the most demanding
  • Built-in DDoS mitigation: Hackers are increasingly targeting
    office infrastructure for denial of service attacks. Cloudflare for
    Teams is built with the same industry-leading DDoS mitigation benefits
    as Cloudflare for Infrastructure.
  • Near users, wherever they are—literally: Instead of backhauling
    traffic, users connect to Cloudflare’s network in 200 cities around
    the world, within 100 milliseconds of 99% of the developed world’s
    Internet-connected population.

Cloudflare for Teams Customers

“Cloudflare Access has enabled Ziff Media Group to seamlessly and
securely deliver our suite of internal tools to employees around the
world on any device, without the need for complicated network
configurations,” said Josh Butts, SVP Product & Technology, Ziff Media

“VPNs are frustrating and lead to countless wasted cycles for employees
and the IT staff supporting them,” said Amod Malviya, Cofounder and CTO,
Udaan. “Furthermore, conventional VPNs can lull people into a false
sense of security. With Cloudflare Access, we have a far more reliable,
intuitive, secure solution that operates on a per user, per access
basis. I think of it as Authentication 2.0 — even 3.0”

“Roman makes healthcare accessible and convenient,” said Ricky
Lindenhovius, Engineering Director, Roman Health. “Part of that mission
includes connecting patients to physicians, and Cloudflare helps Roman
securely and conveniently connect doctors to internally managed tools.
With Cloudflare, Roman can evaluate every request made to internal
applications for permission and identity, while also improving speed and
user experience.”

Cloudflare for Teams Partners

“We’re excited to partner with Cloudflare to provide our customers an
innovative approach to enterprise security that combines the benefits of
endpoint protection and network security,” said Tom Barsi, VP Business
Development, VMware. “VMware Carbon Black is a leading endpoint
protection platform (EPP) and offers visibility and control of laptops,
servers, virtual machines, and cloud infrastructure at scale. In
partnering with Cloudflare, customers will have the ability to use
VMware Carbon Black’s device health as a signal in enforcing granular
authentication to a team’s internally managed application via Access,
Cloudflare’s Zero Trust solution. Our joint solution combines the
benefits of endpoint protection and a zero trust authentication solution
to keep teams working on the Internet more secure.”

“Rackspace is a leading global technology services company accelerating
the value of the cloud during every phase of our customers’ digital
transformation,” said Lisa McLin, vice president of alliances and
channel chief at Rackspace. “Our partnership with Cloudflare enables us
to deliver cutting edge networking performance to our customers and
helps them leverage a software defined networking architecture in their
journey to the cloud.”

“Employees are increasingly working outside of the traditional corporate
headquarters. Distributed and remote users need to connect to the
Internet, but today’s security solutions often require they backhaul
those connections through headquarters to have the same level of
security,” said Michael Kenney, head of strategy and business
development for Ingram Micro Cloud. “We’re excited to work with
Cloudflare whose global network helps teams of any size reach internally
managed applications and securely use the Internet, protecting the data,
devices, and team members that power a business.”

“At Okta, we’re on a mission to enable any organization to securely use
any technology. As a leading provider of identity for the enterprise,
Okta helps organizations remove the friction of managing their corporate
identity for every connection and request that their users make to
applications. We’re excited about our partnership with Cloudflare and
bringing seamless authentication and connection to teams of any size,”
said Chuck Fontana, VP, Corporate & Business Development, Okta.

“Organizations need one unified place to see, secure, and manage their
endpoints,” said Matt Hastings, Senior Director of Product Management at
Tanium. “We are excited to partner with Cloudflare to help teams secure
their data, off-network devices, and applications. Tanium’s platform
provides customers with a risk-based approach to operations and security
with instant visibility and control into their endpoints. Cloudflare
helps extend that protection by incorporating device data to enforce
security for every connection made to protected resources.”

“OneLogin is happy to partner with Cloudflare to advance security teams’
identity control in any environment, whether on-premise or in the cloud,
without compromising user performance,” said Gary Gwin, Senior Director
of Product at OneLogin. “OneLogin’s identity and access management
platform securely connects people and technology for every user, every
app, and every device. The OneLogin and Cloudflare for Teams integration
provides a comprehensive identity and network control solution for teams
of all sizes.”

“Ping Identity helps enterprises improve security and user experience
across their digital businesses,” said Loren Russon, Vice President of
Product Management, Ping Identity. “Cloudflare for Teams integrates with
Ping Identity to provide a comprehensive identity and network control
solution to teams of any size, and ensures that only the right people
get the right access to applications, seamlessly and securely.”

“Our customers increasingly leverage deep observability data to address
both operational and security use cases, which is why we launched
Datadog Security Monitoring,” said Marc Tremsal, Director of Product
Management at Datadog. “Our integration with Cloudflare already provides
our customers with visibility into their web and DNS traffic; we’re
excited to work together as Cloudflare for Teams expands this visibility
to corporate environments.”

“As more companies support employees who work on corporate applications
from outside of the office, it is vital that they understand each
request users are making. They need real-time insights and intelligence
to react to incidents and audit secure connections,” said John Coyle, VP
of Business Development, Sumo Logic. “With our partnership with
Cloudflare, customers can now log every request made to internal
applications and automatically push them directly to Sumo Logic for
retention and analysis.”

“Cloudgenix is excited to partner with Cloudflare to provide an
end-to-end security solution from the branch to the cloud. As
enterprises move off of expensive legacy MPLS networks and adopt branch
to internet breakout policies, the CloudGenix CloudBlade platform and
Cloudflare for Teams together can make this transition seamless and
secure. We’re looking forward to Cloudflare’s roadmap with this
announcement and partnership opportunities in the near term.” said Aaron
Edwards, Field CTO, Cloudgenix.

“In the face of limited cybersecurity resources, organizations are
looking for highly automated solutions that work together to reduce the
likelihood and impact of today’s cyber risks,” said Akshay Bhargava,
Chief Product Officer, Malwarebytes. “With Malwarebytes and Cloudflare
together, organizations are deploying more than twenty layers of
security defense-in-depth. Using just two solutions, teams can secure
their entire enterprise from device, to the network, to their internal
and external applications.”

“Organizations’ sensitive data is vulnerable in-transit over the
Internet and when it’s stored at its destination in public cloud, SaaS
applications and endpoints,” said Pravin Kothari, CEO of CipherCloud.
“CipherCloud is excited to partner with Cloudflare to secure data in all
stages, wherever it goes. Cloudflare’s global network secures data
in-transit without slowing down performance. CipherCloud CASB+ provides
a powerful cloud security platform with end-to-end data protection and
adaptive controls for cloud environments, SaaS applications and BYOD
endpoints. Working together, teams can rely on integrated Cloudflare and
CipherCloud solution to keep data always protected without compromising
user experience.”

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