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Cloudinary Academy Launches Certification Program and New Training Courses for Media Developers and Digital Asset Managers

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Cloudinary, the media experience platform for many of the world’s top companies, today launched the new Cloudinary Academy Certification Program, as well as two new training courses designed to help developers and digital asset managers boost their knowledge and understanding of the Cloudinary platform. The news represents the latest important milestones for Cloudinary Academy, the company’s proprietary training program.

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Cloudinary launches new certification program (Graphic: Business Wire)

Cloudinary launches new certification program (Graphic: Business Wire)

Since its launch in December 2019, more than 1,100 developers and marketers from leading and emerging brands all over the world have taken part in the Academy’s free training courses to maximize their investment in the Cloudinary platform. As part of the new program, students who pass a Cloudinary Academy course exam will become officially Cloudinary Certified. Developers who pass Fundamentals for Developers, Advanced Concepts for Developers and Digital Asset Management Bootcamp will become Certified Cloudinary Master Media Developers.

As part of the new Certification Program, two new training courses have been introduced to Cloudinary Academy:

  • Cloudinary’s Digital Asset Management Bootcamp is a comprehensive training course aimed at those who use Cloudinary’s Digital Asset Management solution in their organizations and projects. This one-day workshop helps students get fully up to speed with the most necessary and fundamental aspects of using Cloudinary. No coding or software development experience is needed to participate in the lessons.
  • Building upon the skills acquired in the existing Fundamentals for Developers course, Advanced Concepts for Developers students can now explore and learn advanced concepts of Cloudinary’s service. These lessons have been developed based on the support questions and use cases provided by our most experienced users, and designed to help developers effectively leverage all of Cloudinary’s features and functionality in their next website, mobile application or other projects.

“For individual contributors and managers alike, it has been hard to quantify one’s proficiency with Cloudinary. With our courses and associated certifications, you can sum up your years of knowledge and prove that your skills are up to date,” said Sam Brace, Head of Training, Cloudinary. “Now that more companies are starting to list Cloudinary experience as a requirement for their openings and promotions, we’re excited to increase our focus on our customers’ professional growth and education.”

“Cloudinary’s training was a brilliant overview of how we could use the API to upload, transform and manipulate our images,” said Ben O’Connor, Lead Front End Developer, Mainline Menswear. “It was really helpful to see examples from the code and also see it live from the developer’s demonstrating it.”

Cloudinary Academy’s new certification program includes the following awards:

  • Certified Cloudinary Level 1 Digital Asset Manager (upon passing Intro for API Users and Intro for DAM Users)
  • Certified Cloudinary Level 2 Digital Asset Manager (upon passing Fundamentals for Developers and Digital Asset Management Bootcamp)
  • Certified Cloudinary DAM Administrator (upon passing Digital Asset Management Bootcamp)
  • Certified Cloudinary Level 1 Media Developer (upon passing two or more Intro for Developers courses)
  • Certified Cloudinary Level 2 Media Developer (upon passing Fundamentals for Developers)
  • Certified Cloudinary Level 3 Media Developer (upon passing Fundamentals for Developers and Advanced Concepts for Developers)
  • Certified Cloudinary Master Media Developer (upon passing Fundamentals for Developers, Advanced Concepts for Developers and Digital Asset Management Bootcamp)

To learn more about Cloudinary Academy, including its new Certification Program and training courses, visit Due to COVID-19, all training courses will take place online until further notice.

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