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CloudMinds Wins the Top Prism Award Two Years in a Row for Quality Control with its Smart MEMS Handheld Raman XI2 Device

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CloudMinds Technology, Inc. – a global pioneer in cloud artificial intelligence architecture, making robots smarter to improve the quality of our lives – received the 2020 Prism Award in the Quality Control category for its XI2, a Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) enabled smart Raman, at the 12th annual Prism Awards ceremony.

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CloudMinds Smart Handheld MEMS Raman XI2 wins 2020 Prism Award in Quality Control (Prism Award logo courtesy of SPIE) (Graphic: Business Wire)

CloudMinds Smart Handheld MEMS Raman XI2 wins 2020 Prism Award in Quality Control (Prism Award logo courtesy of SPIE) (Graphic: Business Wire)

This is CloudMinds’ second win, for the second year in a row, for its smart Raman devices. CloudMinds previously won the 2019 Prism Award in the Detectors and Sensors category for its XITM, a Cloud AI smart Raman Spectrometer. CloudMinds is the first company to be awarded the illustrious Prism Award two consecutive times in a row (2019 and 2020).

CloudMinds’ MEMS device XI2 is a cloud AI handheld smart Raman spectrometer with MEMS scanning mirrors for area sampling. Following a Lissajous scanning path, the laser beam can rapidly scan over a rectangular area that is linearly adjustable. This fast-scanning mechanism minimizes the exposure of the laser beam to samples, so XI2 can be used for samples that tend to be burned or ignited by a laser, such as gunpowder and biological samples, via surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). With XI2, Raman signal over a scanning area can be acquired for more accurate results. XI2 also adopts CloudMinds’ deep learning algorithm for multicomponent analysis at all sampling points to reveal a sample’s heterogeneity.

This new MEMS Raman XI2 enables fast, automated operation and can scan an area of heterogenous samples in sub seconds. This is particularly essential for quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing. XI2 can serves as a unique and powerful tool for online monitoring during the manufacture of pharmaceuticals in tablet and pill forms ensuring uniformity right at the manufacturing line, benefiting patient safety and treatment efficacy.

Featuring high specificity, non-destructive and fast detection without sample preparation, Raman could be an ideal tool for biomedical detection on site with real-time feedback. However, Raman utilization for biological analysis has been historically limited because of weak Raman signal and complex biological matrices. The emerging surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) technique can enhance Raman signal significantly and has made it possible to adopt Raman for biomedical applications, such as detecting viruses or bacteria. One of the major challenges for SERS Raman is that the enhancement effect can be uneven across the whole area of SERS substrates. Often, the single point measurement from a conventional Raman device suffers inconsistent results due to the uneven distribution of the substance and nonuniform amplification on the SER substrate. It is not possible to obtain accurate and highly repetitive results using single point Raman, which makes it unsuitable for biological analysis. With area sampling and multipoint capability, XI2 MEMS Raman is essential for any SERS Raman based biological detection of complex heterogenous samples.

At present, CloudMinds Technology is actively collaborating with international universities and research institutions to study virus detection based on high performance MEMS Raman technology. This novel MEMS Raman can be combined with SERS lattice matrices to achieve more accurate and reproducible results with area detection of viruses on SERS substrates. It is also expected that multi-point-controlled SERS MEMS Raman can be used for the simultaneous detection of multiple viruses on a single SERS substrate, which can help detect viruses, such as the novel coronavirus, and infection conditions in a fast, highly sensitive, and highly accurate manner. The goal for this research is to develop a handheld Raman/SERS device for detecting virus or bacterial contagions in real-time on site. Such a device can greatly reduce the diagnostic time, thereby controlling and containing large-scale spread of viruses, simultaneously providing a vital scientific basis for the timely implementation of prevention and control policies.

CloudMinds is very much honored to receive two SPIE Prism Awards two consecutive years in a row and pleased that the SPIE photonic community recognizes CloudMinds’ innovation for its world’s first cloud AI handheld Raman XITM and MEMS Raman spectrometer XI2. Based on a cloud platform with artificial intelligence, both devices can be widely used in applications such as security, drug and explosive detection, medicine verification, food safety, as well as identifying counterfeit products. With the cloud platform supporting real-time data upload and updates, the device can stay connected through 4G / 5G networks even without Wi-Fi. In addition, the device has an intuitive user interface, integrated with CloudMinds Data A1 smartphone and is the only Raman spectrometer on the market that integrates multiple sensors (GPS, NFC, camera, fingerprint, iris, etc.). XITM and XI2 smart Raman devices outperform other spectrometers in its class with its cloud data platform and AI deep learning enabled algorithm with more accuracy and faster speed. We hope to continue our effort to integrate spectrometers with cloud platform and AI deep learning capabilities to deliver smarter optical devices.

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CloudMinds is a builder and operator of an open end-to-end cloud robot system – and the very first to commercialize related products and services across the global robotics industry. The company’s pioneering world-class architecture is capable of operating a massive number of intelligent and secure robots simultaneously by giving them scalable access to powerful computation and storage resources in the cloud – also endowing them with a real-time open data center and shared knowledge base via a communication network. CloudMinds is on the cutting edge of the AI field, secured mobile communication and robotics. Its highly scalable operating platform creates an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates its products and services with all other major players in the robotics industry.

Cloudminds’s latest innovation is our award winning XI series smart optical devices including XITM, the world’s first Cloud AI handheld Raman, and XI2, a MEMS Enabled Cloud AI Raman, and immunofluorescence based smart devices for trace drug or explosive analysis in real-time.

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