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CloudMosa Selects vXchnge to Streamline Colocation Services

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vXchnge today announced that CloudMosa, Inc. has transitioned all of its server operations to vXchnge while consolidating its data center architecture and reducing its total cost of ownership (TCO) by 25% — a decision made possible by vXchnge’s high-density power capabilities. vXchnge is a leading colocation services provider with facilities across the United States.

Focused on being more agile for their customers, CloudMosa sought to improve its colocation expenses while continuing to meet its unique power demands and need for reliable uptime. With this new deployment, the company reduced its cabinet deployment by 45%, leveraging high-density deployed cabinets. vXchnge is now CloudMosa’s primary data center provider with 55 cabinets at its award-winning data center in Santa Clara, California. vXchnge’s reliability combined with greater facility efficiency led to the significant reduction in CloudMosa’s TCO.

“In seeking to reduce our TCO, we knew that cutting our server capacity could jeopardize our products and be detrimental to the customer experience – it was not an option,” said Dr. Shioupyn Shen, president and CEO, CloudMosa. “The resourcefulness of our team coupled with vXchnge’s more advanced data centers have enabled enough cost savings to maintain our capacity while retiring older equipment. In fact, by streamlining our infrastructure, CloudMosa may even increase processing speeds for our customers.”

A Google and Microsoft alum, Shen pioneered the concept of the server-based web browser when he founded CloudMosa in 2009. Today, CloudMosa accelerates technology by shifting processing workloads from resource-limited devices to cloud servers, making reliable colocation services essential to the company’s operations. Its flagship product, the Puffin Browser, serves more than 150 million users around the world.

Shen continued, “We haven’t experienced an outage or issue as a vXchnge customer for the last nine years, so it was an easy decision to make vXchnge our sole colocation services provider. With this new architecture in place, CloudMosa has never been in a better position to grow. We are ready to introduce the next billion users to Puffin.”

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