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cloudPWR Launches New Website and Enhanced Cloud Software Capabilities for Government Agencies

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cloudPWR, a leading cloud software provider for small and midsize government agencies, is pleased to announce the latest evolution of its cloud-based software platform with the launch of a new website. The software modernizes and greatly simplifies complex records requests and is in use by hundreds of public agency customers and thousands of users from more than 100 government agencies.

cloudPWR’s workflow management software is purpose-built to provide the ideal solution for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, medical cannabis registries, case management, state compliance tracking, among other uses. Core updates and enhancements to the platform, further streamlining and automating its capabilities for customer ease of use, include:

  • Customizable fields, forms and templates customers can integrate based on unique project and workflow needs without added service costs
  • Tools that empower customers to use cloudPWR for their unique case management needs
  • Adaptations responding to new challenges customers are facing in a remote workforce with limited capabilities

“As we start to close in on almost a decade of serving our partners in government, cloudPWR is looking ahead at how to better serve and be a trusted resource for government agencies in our state, and for agencies across the United States,” said Shadrach White, Founder and CEO at cloudPWR. “With the needs of our customers in a constant state of evolution, we want our website and platform to focus on elements that will make them more productive, effective, and successful. The latest changes check those boxes in more ways than one, empowering users with new customization and automation options specific to their agencies’ needs, and easily adjusted by the user.”

The latest changes in the platform complement cloudPWR’s customer-centric mission, aligning with its five-star customer satisfaction and over 95 percent customer retention.

“cloudPWR gets it. They understand what public records folks are dealing with. cloudPWR was created with the input of people who actually process requests, who understand public records, laws, and records management laws,” said a public records officer for a Washington state agency. “That was a goldmine for me.” More client testimonials are available on the cloudPWR homepage.

View the new cloudPWR website here, and follow cloudPWR on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest news and information.

About cloudPWR

cloudPWR is the trusted partner for secure public records and case management, helping small and mid-sized government agencies more efficiently and cost-effectively respond to the needs of the public. Its reliable, proven, and easy-to-use cloud software solutions simplify workflow and ensure compliance for records requests and case management. cloudPWR is proud to partner with Accela, a leading national provider of government software solutions. Our HIPAA-compliant statewide cannabis patient and provider registry software is now available nationwide through Accela.