Press release Announces Integration with AWS Security Hub

Sponsored by Businesswire, an innovative software company providing a leading multi-cloud governance solution, today announced a significant integration with AWS Security Hub (“Security Hub”). Security Hub provides a comprehensive view of compliance checks for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers and, with this new integration, users can quickly detect, investigate, and respond to possible threats in the cloud, all in one place.

The new native integration within allows customers to automatically send and receive findings and trigger remediation actions via Security Hub. already allows customers to create compliance checks for all their cloud accounts using native Cloud Custodian policies. Now, this integration simplifies the threat-monitoring process by allowing to interact with Security Hub and provide a “single-pane-of-glass” view of up-to-the-minute compliance without duplicating efforts. Prior to this integration, customers using Security Hub in addition to were required to check for compliance in two different places.

“To be most effective, security teams need to be able to respond quickly and easily to threats,” said Joseph Spurrier, CTO and co-founder of “Our mission is to make our customers’ lives easier in the cloud, and our new integration with AWS Security Hub is an example of how we deliver on this mission. Our customers will now be able to make fast and informed decisions to enhance security and ensure desired business outcomes from the cloud.”

The integration with AWS Security Hub lets customers:

  • Query Security Hub to add findings to without creating duplicative rules, giving a comprehensive view of compliance in one central location.
  • Easily trigger an action when an event-based finding is displayed in Security Hub by building automatic remediation actions within
  • Automate creation of custom actions in Security Hub through

Additionally, allows customers to use the Cloud Custodian YAML domain-specific language to detect and remediate noncompliance in Security Hub—enhancing the customer experience by making these activities faster and simpler. Historically, customers spent time writing and maintaining complex Lambda functions. Now, with this integration, it only takes 2 lines of code to shut down an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance. provides the added functionality to easily trigger hundreds of additional resource-specific actions as soon as a non-compliant resource is detected—significantly reducing the time-to-value when writing and monitoring checks across many AWS environments.

“Security teams expend a lot of energy working to prevent, detect, and respond to threats,” said Vice President of External Security Services at Amazon Web Services, Inc., Dan Plastina. “’s integration with AWS Security Hub provides visibility in one central place, allowing customers to both streamline detection and simplify taking action on findings to improve their security posture.” is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. For more details on this new integration, visit

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