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CloudTrucks Creates New Solutions for Optimizing the Trucking Business

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CloudTrucks, a leading technology-driven trucking carrier, today announced the official launch of several new offerings to its virtual platform. CloudTrucks’ latest product additions, Flex and CT Cash Card, and updates to its existing Business Intelligence dashboard are aimed to streamline administrative bottlenecks and empower more drivers to keep more revenue.

Similar to CloudTrucks’ existing virtual carrier for independent Owner-Operators, the new Flex product line incorporates a schedule optimizer, instant payments, fuel and maintenance discounts as well as knowledgeable support that is personalized and readily available. Flex’s main differentiator is that it is designed exclusively for small trucking businesses and those drivers looking to remain on their own authority and are not looking to drive under CloudTrucks’ insurance.

“Our mission has always been to alleviate industry pain points that drivers experience on a daily basis and we are now able to embrace a variety of drivers,” said Tobenna Arodiogbu, CEO and Co-Founder, CloudTrucks. “Our complete business-in-a-box solution continues to evolve in order to keep our growing network of professionals safe, headache-free and profitable.”

While Flex accommodates a new demographic for CloudTrucks, both trucking entrepreneurs and drivers with their own authority can take advantage of the CT Cash and Business Intelligence products. CT Cash is the CloudTrucks’ second new product line and is designed for drivers who are looking to get paid faster and alleviate cash-flow constraints. This service provides instant pay and cash card options in addition to receiving cash advances as well as access to CloudTrucks’ Business Intelligence dashboard.

The Business Intelligence dashboard is an extension of CloudTrucks’ virtual platform—providing a comprehensive breakdown of a driver’s performance, personal expenses and revenue for drivers to better determine how they can yield the most profit. Not only does Business Intelligence break down its metrics by a specific week, month or year, a driver’s performance history can be tracked by gross revenue, revenue/mile and revenue/live mile. The dashboard even provides itemized metrics on service fees, liability and cargo insurance as well as cash advances and total miles driven, to name a few.

To join CloudTrucks’ growing network of Owner-Operators, you can inquire here or call (408) 560-7524.

About CloudTrucks

From instant payments to smart load scheduling and competitive rates, CloudTrucks empowers independent Owner-Operators to make the most of every run. Created by Tobenna Arodiogbu, Jin Shieh and George Ezenna in 2019, CloudTrucks uses technology to streamline administrative bottlenecks—making it easier for drivers to run their business and produce more revenue. For more information on CloudTrucks, visit: