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Club Vita Announces Research Advisory Panel

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Club Vita, the international leader in longevity data analytics, is delighted to announce the establishment of a multi-disciplinary Research Advisory Panel, created to support the delivery of insights that enable pension plan sponsors and their advisors to more effectively navigate a post-pandemic world.

COVID-19’s impact has not been uniform, with material differences being revealed by region, between genders, occupations and socio-economic groups. It has changed the way we live our lives, and influenced the adoption of new trends, not all of which will contribute to our health and longevity in positive ways. And, it has had significant global economic influence. Through the distillation and interpretation of myriad academic research, Club Vita is focused on helping plan sponsors more clearly understand how different our future may be from our past, and what will be required to enable stronger risk management in the future, and restore confidence in pension plans’ stakeholders.

In the process, Club Vita is providing access to its leading-edge data analytics tools so pension actuaries can better understand and manage the financial impact of the pandemic, ensuring the resiliency of pension promises.

The Research Advisory Panel, comprised of internationally-reputed experts from the fields of medical research, actuarial science, pension risk management, data analytics and demographics, is charged with overseeing the research to ensure its relevance to a broader audience, and to facilitate the promotion, and encourage the adoption, of the research findings. The panel includes:

  • Jennifer Haid, CEO, Club Vita; Advisory Panel Chair
  • Doug Anderson, Executive Director, Minnesota Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)
  • Dr. Magali Barbieri, Researcher, Demographics, University of California
  • Steven Baxter, Head of Longevity Innovation, Club Vita
  • Bruce Cadenhead, Chief Actuary, Mercer
  • Eli Greenblum, Chief Actuary, Segal Consulting
  • Dr. Sadhna Paralkar, Senior Vice President and National Medical Director, Segal Consulting
  • Phil Rivard, VP, Pension Policy and Funding Local Authorities Pension Plan, Edmonton Alberta, Canada
  • Dan Ryan, Chief Science Officer, COIOS Research
  • Jay Vivian, Former CIO, IBM retirement plans; Board member of Committee on Investment of Employee Benefit Assets (CIEBA)

Jennifer Haid, CEO of Club Vita LLP, commented, “Through the deep data analytics we perform, we have an opportunity to perform a targeted exploration of the data, and to apply the findings broadly. The members of our Research Advisory Panel have the expertise and experience to help steer our research to provide insights into appropriate health interventions, as well as into viable public policy initiatives. When adopted, this is exactly the kind of rapid innovation that can make a material difference to financial security for plan members and insured lives across the globe.”

About Club Vita

Club Vita is a longevity data analytics company, which facilitates the pooling and statistical analysis of demographic data from defined benefit (DB) pension and retiree health plans to reveal insights that would not be evident to the plans acting alone. Its UK, Canadian and US entities serve the needs of institutions that measure and manage longevity risk, such as pension funds, insurance and reinsurance companies, and capital markets players. Club Vita’s innovative team has designed, built and refined socio-economic models for understanding the diversity of longevity. These enable clients not only to tailor their assumptions to reflect demographics, but also to develop strategies to actively measure and manage their longevity risk. For more information, please visit