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Cobalt Iron Makes DCIG List of TOP 5 Microsoft Azure Cloud Backup Solutions

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Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise data protection, today announced that its industry-leading Compass® enterprise SaaS backup platform has been listed as one of DCIG’s TOP 5 Azure Cloud Backup Solutions. DCIG has recognized Compass for its ability to provide a SaaS-based backup experience across hybrid environments, its superior analytics engine, and its ability to provide backup across multiple public and private clouds.

“Microsoft Azure has made big inroads in market share in recent years, and now more than 69% of enterprises rely on Azure as a viable public cloud choice. However, the onus is on organizations to deploy a third-party backup and recovery solution to protect and restore their data,” DCIG analyst Jerome M. Wendt said in his September report. “Regardless of the public cloud in which Cobalt Iron Compass finds itself, it excels at delivering backup and recovery.”

In his detailed DCIG report, Wendt differentiates Compass from the other TOP 5 Azure cloud backup solutions in three areas:

Support for hybrid environments Cobalt Iron offers organizations the option to deploy Compass on physical, virtual, or cloud instances.

Analytics engine to improve backup and recovery — The Compass software constantly evaluates how backups perform across all enterprise environments. Using this information, it takes actions such as optimizing when backups run, resolving backup storage issues, and monitoring for the presence of ransomware.

Backup support across multiple public and private clouds — According to the report, other backup solutions generally support, at most, one or two public clouds. Compass, however, protects applications and data hosted in the Alibaba, AWS, Google, and IBM in addition to Azure.

“Compass has now earned a trifecta of TOP 5 rankings from DCIG — preceded by our listings for AWS Backup and Enterprise Anti-Ransomware Backup. It’s clear market validation of Compass’ versatility for data protection across virtually any cloud or on-prem application,” said Andy Hurt, CMO at Cobalt Iron. “This recognition is especially gratifying coming from DCIG, a highly respected source of information for executives, IT managers, and engineers who have a critical need to choose the right data protection solutions for their operations.”


Caption: Cobalt Iron Named One of DCIG TOP 5 Azure Cloud Backup Solutions