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Code Corporation Software Update Provides Remote Access to Barcode Readers in Hectic Healthcare Environments

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Code Corporation today announced it has provided a number of significant updates to its CortexTools2 software to version, which manages its latest generation of barcode readers, including the new CR2700, which is used in hospitals.

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Code Corporation Software update delivers remote access to Barcode Readers, such as the CR2700, in hectic healthcare environments (Photo: Business Wire)

Code Corporation Software update delivers remote access to Barcode Readers, such as the CR2700, in hectic healthcare environments (Photo: Business Wire)

The software update provides administrators a command line utility so they can remotely reconfigure or make updates to the entire fleet of Code scanners in a hospital at once, as opposed to manually one at a time.

“This functionality is particularly timely as hospitals and clinics around the world are overwhelmed with new cases of the COVID-19 virus,” said Kent Hansen, CEO of Code Corporation. “Any new layer of efficiency and safety is important. In a hospital, barcode readers are the bridge between the patient and the electronic health records and are generally located near patient beds. IT administrators can manage and update the software or settings on the readers remotely, which means they do not have to visit patient floors or individual rooms to manually conduct an update.”

If IT managers so desire, they can still leverage the graphical user interface to make updates and reconfigure the readers with the new software—as they would need to do if they changed to a new healthcare information system provider, for example. Now they can also execute a command line through a remote management software such as SOTI MobiControl, Airwatch, or others to perform updates and configuration changes to the readers and base stations.

Also included in this update is a new Bluetooth dongle that enables the Code readers to communicate via Bluetooth to the PC or base station. This allows for greater flexibility, including the option to centrally locate charging stations away from the patient’s bedside if desired. This can help minimize risk and patient disruption while increasing efficiency.

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